STAD-O-LYMPICS (or Tour-De-Stad as we have come to know it)

  • When:09/20/14
  • QIC: Hair Band, Double E
  • The PAX: Hair Band (QIC), Double E (QIC), Counter Top, Late Show, Zippidy, Turnpike, Shoeless Joe Jackson (2.0), Belly Flop (2.0)

STAD-O-LYMPICS (or Tour-De-Stad as we have come to know it)

A nice cool Saturday morning for YHC to kick things off and get the weekend started right!

Mosey to the shovel flag for
SSH x 20
IW’s x 20
Slow Squat x 20

Mosey to the stadium, along the way Double E calls out to grab some rocks at the Hornets Nest (No sign of our nasty little friends this morning) to bring with us since we will be spending the entire beat down in the stadium.

Once at the stadium, drop the rock and onto the track.
Everyone line up head to toe in a plank for… Indian Bear Crawl!
Those in line/plank are doing Merkins while guy at the end of the line bear crawls to the front x3 rounds.
Everyone stay in line but on your six, next up Indian Crab Walk! Those in line are doing LBC’s while the #Empanage Crab Walks to the front. Also 3 rounds.

Recovery mosey for 1/4 track, drop for 20 Merkins, mosey 1/2 track some plank work including an ode to Bulldog with our wannabe British accents, mosey back to start, diamond merkins. #ShineBright

Add in some Flutters and Dolly’s for fun and that’s about all I can remember at this point. #O2Dep

Double E on Q

Excellent Job by Hair Band – Now LET’S GRAB SOME WALL
PC with 30 Air presses
BTW Inverted Peter Parkers X 20
PC with 20 Air presses
BTW Inverted Peter Parkers X 15
PC with 20 Air presses
BTW Inverted Parker Peters x 15

Time to Grab your Rock Buddy!
Mosey to Stadium Stairs for some Stairway to Heaven w/ Rocks
3 PAX per Group (2.0’s had group of 2 and worked twice as hard!  Great Job!)

P1 Runs to top of stairs with Rock while P2 & P3 do called exercise until your turn to run
P2 Runs when P1 finishes stairs followed by P3 when P2 finishes
Repeato until each PAX in group has run Stairs Twice per exercise

Exercise 1 – Burpees
Exercise 2 – Bleacher Dips

Once finished Drop Rock and hit the Track
Sprint curved ends then alternate Karaoke Right / Left & backwards run the straights


Back to Bleachers for more STH w/ Rocks
Exercise 3 – Ground to Overhead Press Thrusters with Rock
Exercise 4 – Rock Curls & Rock Tricep Extensions with Rock

Grab Rock and head to Stadium Entrance for Mary with Rock
25 x Flutter w/ Rock Press
25 x Russian Twist with Rock
25 x Dolly w/ Rock Press
Endless Protractor with Zips Famous Slow Spanish Countdown

Return Rock to Rock pile and mosey to Base of Hill – ON YOUR BELLY
Jail Break up Hill and sprint to PSV

 Great work out there! Almost lost count laughing as I was doing the cadence spin during SSH seeing Belly Flop with gloves way too big flopping around and someone called him out as the Hamburger Helper mascot.
Thanks to another BB I saw, I wanted to test out the Indian Bear crawl/crab walk that I may bring to my Q at Peak51 this week also. What caught me by surprise was the silence during it. We are usually full of #Mumblechatter which made the silence deafening. Strong work boys!

EE: Incredible work today by All PAX @ #F3Outland!  The Sun Valley High Track & Stadium proved once again that the options for Olympic caliber O2 deprivation are endless and HB and I thought an entire hour workout there would be a very suck-a-rific!  It did not disappoint! At one point HB was counting in Japanese (Toy Reps??) (HB:I was wondering why Zip was dazed & confused at my directions, either O2dep made me say it wrong or made the PAX hear it wrong… or somewhere in the middle.) and Zip’s classic slow Spanish countdown adds an additional mental level of pain to the Protractors 6 inch holdout.  #Absofsteel


  • F3Overdrive beginning Friday October 10 @ 5:30am
    • Start EH’ing your neighbors!
    • Full preblast about expansion will be out soon also!
  • Prayers for HorseHead to get well soon – Shoulder & Hip Flexor have him on the IR

It is always a Pleasure to lead such an Incredible Group of Men!!! AYE!!!



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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Sounds like a missed a suckarific time!

Looking forward to Outland this weekend, been too long.

13 hours of Carowinds was fun, and I certainly saw huge differences on my fitting on the coasters. It was a nice way to end my coaster-riding season.

Have a good week gents.

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