Cane Pain Train Rolling at Centurian

  • When:09/19/2014
  • QIC: Cane
  • The PAX: Mr. Bean, Mighty Mite, Outback, Champagne, Margo, Zuckerberg, Strawberry, Jamboree, Beeker, Scabby, Ginzer, Hairball, Dory, Heartbreaker, Farside, Hannibal, Abacus, Mermaid, FNG-Broyhill (Nathan).

Cane Pain Train Rolling at Centurian

POSTED ON BEHALF OF CANE (who did not provide title)

20 men posted at Centurian for some rocks, running, and exercising.  VSF planted as Escargot was out today.  Rain held off mostly.  Quick disclaimer and welcome to 1 FNG.


Mosey out of launch lot, down Walsh and up Little Ave.  10 Burpees OYO at each of 4 streetlights.


SSH x 35 IC

IW x20 IC

Low Slow Squats x20 IC

Merkins x15 IC

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey around the football field and up the steep hill through lot to rock pile.  Select a good lifting/exercising rock.

Rock and Run

Partner 1 runs length of lot and back (approx 200 yards)

Partner 2 does called exercise.  Swap.  Plank when both partners have run.

7 rounds: overhead press, squats, curls, LBC, money release merkin, rock swings, burpees

Return rocks to pile.  Mosey around football field and hit the steep hill into the launch lot.  Circle up.


Flutter x 20 IC

AYG to 2nd streetlight and back

Rosalita x 25 IC

AYG to 3rd streetlight and back

LBC x 30

AYG to top of lot for BOM


Strong work by all today.  Welcome to FNG Broyhill (Nathan) who was EH’d by Hannibal.  Hope you enjoyed and make sure to come back out for more.  Good group of men for a Champagne pre-KB Q.  Never a great idea to do KB before the workout-especially when you have the Q.  YHC paid the price this morning.  Currency in the form of lower back pain exacerbated by the sprints.  Will likely be chair or floor-bound for remainder of the day.  Run total of 2.63 per the GPS.  Good prep for the upcoming Mud Run.  Shout out and extra credit for the guys who ran in today.  Margo and perhaps a few others.  Nice work and a pleasure to lead you all this morning.


Isabella Santos Family Fun Run, 5K and 10K tomorrow in Ballantyne.  F3 guys will be leading the kids in warm-up.  Honeybee is Q.

Trips for Kids bike ride is tomorrow as well.  Please see weekly email or homepage for further details.  Unable to paste links here for some reason.

Tuesday temporary Mud Run Training workouts launch at Bagpipe/Swift location in Ballantyne.  Madame Tussaud is Q.

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