Rebel Yell

  • QIC: Radar
  • The PAX: 20 PAX. I could not make out all the names on my phone so we all go nameless.

Rebel Yell

20 got it done at RY today.


The Thang 

Mosey a little 

101 SSH- (crowd pleaser) 

Mosey over to Firebirds and partner up 

-100 partner left leg step ups with calf raise at the top

P1 Run 100yrd

P2 step up

Flap Jack Until Complete all 100 

-Chair until everyone completes 

-Repeato with right leg 


-50 partner deep squats and run

P1 Run 100yrd

P2 squats

Flap Jack Until Complete all 50

-Indian run/Jail break back to the hill where we park 

-100 partner Walking merkins and suicides

                P1 run suicides

                P2 does 10 walking merkins then run up the hill and back. He repeats until p1 finishes suicides

                Flap Jack until walking merkins are done 

-100 partner merkin jacks

                Same format as above except instead of the hill run we did 10 knee tucks 

-50 partner tricep merkins

                Same format as above except instead of the knee tucks we did 10 high jumps 

-5 minutes of cherry bombs

                p-1 all out sprint 50 yards and back x2

                p2 cherry bombs until p1 finishes sprint

                flap jack until time is up 


Strong group out there today with some Larry Birds mixed in. Every time I show up to a Stonecrest workout I see a ton of new faces. Today was no exception. The 101 SSHs seem to get some attention and woke the calves up. Hops was a site FNG and proud of it I guess. He would not stop telling people. Apparently, he texted Spackler after to tell him too. Desperate for attention I guess. Welcome to F3 FNG 22 year old Freud (Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate). Glad you came out and hopefully we will be seeing more of you. Thanks for letting me lead. I enjoyed meeting some new brothers and look forward to the next time. 


ISF fun run on Saturday

Shady person is a car at B-Town AOs. Make sure you hide your keys and keep your eyes open

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