Bagpipe – a new record for PAX?

  • When:09/16/14
  • QIC: Soft Pretzel (Bagpipe) and Madame Tussauds (Swift)
  • The PAX: Madame Tussauds, Margo, Parfait, Iron Horse, Big Dog, Abacus, Brushback, Mermaid, Beaker, Cane, Switch Hitter, Frehleys, Heartbreaker, Yinser, Long Haul, Strawberry, Pop, Chipotle, Stump Hugger, Philmont, Bratwurst, Brisket, Pulled Pork, Morning After Honeybee, Strange Brew, Yes We Can, Outback, Flutie Flakes, Twister, Escargot, Mr. Bean, Mighty Mite, Soft Pretzel, Puppy Love Champagne

Bagpipe – a new record for PAX?

37 strong between Swift and Bagpipe this morning.  Will have to check with the chief (Haggis), but that is the most I ever remember.  T Claps for Madame for creating a great pre-Mud Run workout to continue the Swift tradition started by Bratwurst.

As for Bagpipe, The Thang:

Mosey across to parking lot for: 25 SSH IC, 20 IW IC, 10 burpees OYO, 15 slow squats IC, 5 burpees OYO, 25 dolly IC, 25 flutter IC, 10 burpees OYO.

Mosey to pond, grab some wall.  15 derkins, 20 dips, 10 jump ups.  Repeat.  Next wall: 20 split squats, 15 diamond incline merkins.

Mosey all the way to the infamous Bagpipe runnin’ hill.  P1 run to the top and back while P2 does merkins to failure, then squats until P1 gets back.  Flapjack.  Then repeat.

Bear crawl “catch me if you cans.”  5 merkins per partner per round, repeat 3X.

Run back.  Tried to do pull ups on the exercise trail but the Swift’ers chased us off.  Did 10 burpees instead.  Run back to base for improvised Mary until everyone else arrived.

Announcements: 1. Watch out for a silver Prius with one headlight out.  Car has circled by the Vine multiple times now acting suspicious.  2.This Saturday 1-mile fun run warm up. Meet at 8:15 for a 9:00 fun run start. Email if interested in joining for the fun run. 3. Well wishes and prayers for Beaker.  He and his wife are expecting any day now!

Moleskin: Great to lead Bagpipe today and amazing to see how many PAX are coming out between the two workouts.  And thanks to Mighty Mite for taking down the names – I would have struggled with pen and paper!

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9 years ago

What you’ve done here is to artificially constructed a mega-AO-lopolis by combining three workout counts as one. A brazen and immodest grab for federal tax dollars, ASC grants and trolley money. Deplorable.

Reply to  Tiger-Rag
9 years ago

That be some horrible grammar up there. Yikes.

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