18 is a painful number

  • When:09/15/14
  • QIC: Prohibition
  • The PAX: Turkey Leg, Lobster Roll, Uncle Leo, Hairball, Gumbo, Holy Hitman, Alf, Floorslapper, Coal Miners Daughter, Snow Bird, Madison, Gummy, Prohibition (QIC)

18 is a painful number

13 of the areas toughest PAX showed up for a Monday morning beatdown at The Matrix.  All 13 survived…but may not be able to feel their arms for the rest of the day.


The Thang:

Mosey down to the lower parking lot for COP.

SSH x18

LSS x18

MC x18

Merkins x18

Mosey across the field to the rock pile.  Pick out a manly rock. Take manly rock to center of the field.

Rock Curls x18

Rock Press x18

Rock Tricep Extension x18

Drop the Rock

Run to Corner 1: Merkins x18

Run to Corner 2: Jump Squats x18

Run to Center: Rock Curls x18, Rock Press x18, Tricep Extension x18

Run to Corner 3: Full Sit Ups x18 (Old Man Style)

Run to Corner 4: Cumberland County Viaduct x18 (9 right side, 9 left side)

Run back to Center.

Repeato all above until YHC calls it quits.  Sometime before 6:40 (that’s not right). I lost count of how many times we ran the circuit.  Close to too many.

Return Rock to it’s nice dark home and head back to parking lot for some Mary.

Flutters x18

Dollies x18

30 seconds left.  As many burpees as you can.


It was a nice morning with great temps for a tough workout.  After all the running so many of the pax had been doing for the BRR, I wanted to get back to grinding while setting up a workout that would allow all PAX to push it to their own level of pain.  As explained after the disclaimer, Prohibition started with the ratification of the 18th amendment.  So the number 18 was what we focused on. Over and over and over again.  Not a lot of mumblechatter but when the QIC said that we’d run the circuit until 6:40 I did get a quick response from just about everyone.  It was too early in the morning to do math.  I tried to add an extra 30 minutes to this workout.  My bad.  I heard a lot of complaining from Gummy about being misled about the size of the rock needed.  If the rock was too big, Gummy, you were welcome to grab some pebbles from the parking lot.

Overall, great job by all today.  You guys showed really showed your toughness.  A few of the recent additions to F3 were really pushing it today.  Great work Snow Bird and Gumbo.  Keep it up.  As always, Alf and Lobster Roll took it to another level today.  Strong and Fast.

No announcements. Just read over the email and check twitter feeds.  Thanks for taking us out today Gummy.  See you all out there in the gloom.

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9 years ago

Nice lead, Prohibition. I would’ve definitely selected a smaller rock if I had it to do over again. But Alf’s was at least as heavy as mine and didn’t seem to be slowing him down, so I felt bad about whining. But I still did. And I used it as an excuse to modify heavily.

9 years ago

Great Q – but I made an awful decision on the rock. My arms were jelly.

9 years ago

A painful bow tie it was this morning. I too went macho and picked up a boulder too big for my own good. All I could think about when doing sets of 18 was “Why couldn’t booze have been outlawed sooner? Maybe the 5th amendment instead of 18th?”

Solid Q this morning Prohibition. After all that BRR running, nice to work on getting all swole again.

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