Whistle While We Work

Whistle While We Work

We had a group of fellas circle up and hit the bells at 5:30. The rest of the boys arrived at the usual time and we went to work.

Break into 5 teams, grab a weight plate and start running with it over your head. When the whistle blows, pass the plate to a teammate.  We ran to the soccer fields, stopping a time or 2 for merkins or MTN climbers to keep the pack together.

Once at the field we did 4 corners. Teams stay in a group, do said exercise while one teammate runs with the plate to the soccer goal and back.  Simple to explain, difficult to perform.

First corner:

  • Merkins until everyone on the team has run with the plate.
  • Diamonds

Second corner:

  • MTNs
  • CDD


  • Jump Squats
  • Lunges


  • Merkins
  • Burpees

All teams at one end line for a finishing relay race.  AYG to end and back with plate.

Return home the same way we arrived, weight plate over your head run changing out with a teammate on the whistle.  A few stops for merkins, and final circle back home with more merkins, and Crowd pleasing plank work.

Thine Ole Moleskine

what a group today.  Strong work displayed with the early bid KBers.  TR broke out the 100 pound behemoth and he even used it once.  Haggis and FNG Jack Black made their KB debut.

Good to see Fort regulars Beacon and World Wide Leader trek north to Stonehenge.

Lots of strong work by a lot of PAX today.  I think the team concept had people pushing one another throughout.  Big shout out to my team who pushed me.  Old Man Frehley, Morning After, Checkpoint and Guarantee.

We also had a number of good races throughout the team exercises.  Guys pushing each other while carrying the plates.  Camacho, Pulled Pork, Loogie, just to name a few.

Capped the morning off with bagels and coffee at Einsteins with a crew of us who were soaked to the bone.  I say that’s a perfect start to the weekend.


Area 51 BRR teams are still looking for a couple of van drivers – All of the fun with none of the run! Great way to experience the fellowship of the BRR. Also, our list of alternate runners is dry after a couple of guys had to pull out over the last couple weeks. If someone wants to be in the “on deck” circle, or if they are interested in being a driver, please have them reach out to me, Baracus.




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9 years ago

Looks like a killer of a workout Mic Check! For the pax, the “me” referred to in the announcement is Baracus.

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