2 + 2 equals…. mass confusion!

  • When:08/15/2014
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Horsehead, Hacker, Scratch N Win, Focker, Bananas, Spackler, Susudio, Quinn, Pudding Pop, Crabcake, Chanel, Big League Chew, Bessie, Muffin Man, Pickle, Cottontail, Stagecoach, Sanka, Alf, Brown, Busch

2 + 2 equals…. mass confusion!

22 of South Charlottes sharpest minds gathered at Kevlar today for a mind blowing workout that tested both brains and brawn.


SSH x 20
IW x 20
Merkins x 15
Up and downs x 15
Mosey to lower lot
Partner up. One exercise and one runs. Repeat twice.
Ten different exercises.
Mosey back to lot with gear.


The plan was a smorgasbord of exercises to appeal to both runners and meatheads in trying to bridge the gap between the warring factions. What YHC realized quickly was that neither group could follow instructions which were clearly explained in many different ways.
The instructions were “partner up, perform said exercise while partner runs, relieve partner and repeat.” Pretty simple right? Not for many of the pax – especially Spackler. We had groups running two laps and then relieving partner. We had others skipping the plates as they would have tired legs for the run, we even had pairs thinking they had to run with their partner while holding hands! None of the above was correct but hopefully the pax got something out of the workout!
Notable mentions this morning were:
1) Susudio and his lighting pace around the laps relieving Bananas in record time.
2) Muffin Man impressing Bessie who is not his own Dad but actually the father of his girlfriend. Kevlar is the perfect training ground to test the future son in law.
3) Brown looking (and sounding) like he was at a rodeo on the ropes.
4) Sanka and his immaculate side straddle hop technique.


Saturday workouts as scheduled.
New book starting Wednesdays at Threshold. 12 noon at Bojangles South Park. Sanka has details.

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9 years ago

Was still a little foggy from the prior nights festivities.

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