Lacking in Creativity – Exceeding in Pain

  • When:08/09/2014
  • QIC: Champagne
  • The PAX: Frehleys Comet, Mic Check, Lugie, The Worm, Cheese Curd, Outback, WIngman, Fireman Ed, Puppy Love, Blowhole, Fraiser, Guarantee

Lacking in Creativity – Exceeding in Pain


13 of SOB’s finest denied the fartsack and threat of weather to do some stuff around the Ballantyne AO.

Disclaimer was given and off we went.

Little baby jog down to parking lot next to Lochness for COP.

SSH x 20 in cadence
IW x 15 in cadence

YHC then decided enough of COP and IW are boring anyway.

The main Thang.

Mosey to Lochness and directions were given.

First the pain stations:

First Station – first building – 25 derkins with feet on wall
Second Station – second building – 50 flutters from top of wall
Third Station – picnic tables – 15 step-ups per leg
Fourth Station – exercise trail – 10 dips
Fifth Station – execrcise trail – 10 pull ups.

Then the options (actually Frehley’s had some suggestions and helped with this)

Red Pill – Run a lap, complete station one, run another lap to station two, complete and rinse and repeat with a lap before the next pain station until time was called at 6:55.

Blue Pill – Run the first lap, then work from one pain station to the next, excluding the extra laps thrown in, and continue until time was called.

6:55 move it back to the launch point (YHC was the 6 – trying to get in one more lap)



This one was a smoker. Great work by everyone. Thanks for allowing YHC to lead. This is a great AO with tons of options. This one got the pax a little spread out, so missed out on much of the mumble chatter – shout out below if anything interested happened.

There was a flyby from Honeybee, Bratwurst and Haggis – but they had places to go and people to see so no time to hangout and visit. Also Wingman pointed out to YHC what was probably the biggest moth YHC has ever seen. Luckily it was dead or it might have chased us off.

For the spread-sheeters – no matter the pill you chose, you were probaby between 3 and 5 miles today. Great work again by everyone.

There were also some beasts to did the Pre-KB – but it was too dark and YHC was doing the prerun with Fraiser and was more concerned with keeping up with him. Shout out below so you get credit.

Thanks again for the opportunity to lead this great group.


Mudrun signups still open – go ahead and sign up. F3 Nation already has over 600 and counting – lets show them what we can do.

Tutoring in Areaa51 – we are partnering with Christ Covenant this fall at Matthews Elementary and will be needing pax – who can help between 3:10 and 3:50 once or twice a month – looking to start Sept 16th and shooting to make Wed F3 day. They really need men to step up. They said they mainly have women who are volunteering to tutor and be buddies right now. If you are intereted and feel called, please reach out to me at

Champagne out

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