Check out this 6 pack baby!

  • When:08/09/2014
  • QIC: Double E & Hair Band
  • The PAX: Hair Band (QIC), Double E (QIC), Zip-A-Dee, Glass Joe, Counter Top, Turnpike

Check out this 6 pack baby!

The “6-Pack” Strong arrived in the misty morning of #F3Outland ready to push the Earth Down Chuck Norris Style! With the SF firmly planted, let’s begin! (Double E)

Pre-Work – 0600
Glass Joe was bringing the speed followed by Double E in the pre workout 5 miler. Although Zip fully committed to be there, I believe his “In” meant “In Bed”!! Z = ZZZZZ snoozefest (I know he was “working”)

The Thang – 0700 (Double E on Q)
Mosey to PSF for Warmup!

SSH x 25 IC – Rotate 180 degrees after each number
IW x 25 IC – Rotate 90 degrees after each number
10 x Burpees – For Snowman Not showing up!
Rotating Merkins x 30 – rotate 90 degrees after each Merkin

Indian Run toward Elementary School
Along the way, Plank-a-rama & 30 x LBC OYO
Continue IR
50 Yard Lunge Walk to Elementary School Track

Time for some Track Work with 4th F – Fhysical Ed!!!
Goes like this:

Start On Whistle, All out sprint 15 seconds
Stop On Whistle, 10 Burpees
Start on Whistle, All out sprint 15 seconds
Stop on Whistle, 9 Burpees
Continue until you a) pass out or b) get to 0 Burpees – Luckily We all made it!

Quick Regroup and begin 8 mins of Station Work at Playground Rotate between

20 x Donkey Swing Kicks
Shifting Supine Pullups on parallel bars
Conquer the Monkey Bars – Elementary school style
Regroup with 30 x Bench dips at picnic tables

Hand off to HB!
Ok on your six for some active recovery… Wait, where is Zip going?! With his crazy work schedule he must have forgotten this was just the beginning of the 2nd half!

Now that we are all together…
40 LBC’s OYO
40 flutter OYO.

Fellowship mosey over to the sidewalk to work our way back from the elementary school
Then lunge walk to the 1st light post then a quick mosey in front of the buses for a merkin heavy beatdown.

I Quickly realized I was the only one attempting the 10kMerkin challenge which made this even more of a #Crowdpleaser which went like this…
Round 1: 25 Merkins, 10 Jump Squats, 10 Carolina Dry Docks
Repeato 4 times (somewhere in here the sky started to open up… and felt good.)
Recovery lap around the buses
Round 2: 20 merkins, 20 backscratchers, 20 LBC’s
Repeato 4 times, plank when done.

Mosey back to middle school with some back pedaling and Karaoke right and left thrown in for good measure. Double E got an education on his right and left along the way, or the 5 of us were wrong and he was correct… Naaa.

Back at the middle school, nobody in F3 wants a big upper body and chicken legs so, grab some wall for:
Peoples chair 30 seconds, drop an inch & 15 seconds, off the wall and 20 calf raises.
Repeato with 20 air presses then 20 outer calf raises.
Repeato with 20 inner calf raises.

Mosey to cover at the middle school as the monsoon hit for 40 step ups on the benches, a little mary and that was it! Well done gentlemen!

(Double E)The beatdown was intense but the PAX were resilient and just like my man Jimmy V, they Never Gave Up!  I must admit the rotating warmup’s added a little flavor to the normal Q Circle Stare-down, but could have been misconstrued to passer-by’s as a group of guys that could not get past level 1 in Just Dance 4.  Not sure if Z was embarrassed or was pulling an Elvis as he quickly left the circle to head to the parking lot.  But he quickly rejoined the group and got back at it #FakeElvisMaybe?!  The sprint/burpee combos were killer and HB brought the pain strong from the handoff.  Glad to have CT back from vacation and thinking about DT as he conquers his first Light Ruck!
(HB) Solid work by all, the spinning COP had me more dizzy than warmed up though.
A reminder for all of us that wet sneakers/body against a painted door while on a rubber mat can be hazardous to our health and we appreciate Zip demonstrating that for the safety of the rest of us. #Ididntsayonyoursix #Readthedisclaimer

– CT deserves the #Cantorre medal for risking all to get the #shovelflag in the monsoon, and Double E’s… MIA Weinke? Really? #Noweinkeleftbehind
– Turnpike keep it up, you will get stronger every week, we can all attest to that!
–  10,000 Merkin Challenge through August 31st – Get Started today or Keep it up
–  A few weeks behind due to vacations but next Saturday we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Outland, our favorite Saturday AO beatdown! Looking forward to having most of our regular crew back and hopefully some #Kotters to dole out.
– Virgin Q of Drop Thrill in the near future
– And for CT’s safety at home… His daughter can baby/dog sit.

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