Oh Ladder Oh Ladder

  • When:08/04/14
  • QIC: Fireman Ed
  • The PAX: Hopper, Spinner, insomniac, White Snake, JV, Lost, Milk Truck, Dunder, Geraldo, Smash, Marvel, Slim Fast, Big Top, Fireman Ed, Long Distance, plus three others

Oh Ladder Oh Ladder

It was a great morning for a little ladder action,  18 men skipped the fartsac to head out in the gloom for a beatdown.  Please sound off in comments if not mentioned above, I must have deleted the recording from this morning .

 Warm up:

 Mosey to the front of the school

20 X SSH

25 X IW

20 X Slow Squats

10 X Merkins

10 X MC

 Mosey down to the baseball field for some ladders

 First Ladder

To left field 5 total burpees and squats, run to left field do 4 burpees, run to home plate 1 squat, then back to left field 3 burpess, then back to home 2 squats and so on until 1 burpee and 4 squats

Plank when you are done

Second Ladder 5 total,

To center field, Carolina Dry Docks in the outfield and lunges at home

Plank when you are done

Third Ladder 5 total

To right field,  merkins in the outfield and jump squats at home

Plank when you are done


Mosey to the bleachers

Three rounds,  10 pullups, 10 dips,  10 incline merkins

 Mosey to left field circle up


20 X LBC

20 X Freddie Mercury

20 X Rosalita


 With the clock winding down,  the Q couldn’t be complete without a little Jack Webb

1 X Merkin,  4  X air presses, up to 5 X merkin and 20 X air presses

 Mosey back to the parking lot.


 Way to get after it this morning Pax.  Hope you had fun with the ladders.   Good to see a lot of second timers out there from last Thursday, keep on coming.  Thanks for taking us out Slim Fast, also everyone keep Big Tops family in their prayers as they go through this tough time.  Remember to sound off if I didn’t mention you in the pax missing three, I apologize.


You can still sign up for the USMC Mudrun

F3 Dads Saturday the last weekend

Did not plagiarize these announcements

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