Mini Murph at Stonehenge

  • When:08/02/14
  • QIC: Frehleys Comet
  • The PAX: Outback, Madaam Tussauds, Haggis, Mr Bean, Puppy Love, Camacho, Dr Nole, Fireman Ed, Soft Pretzel, Granite

Mini Murph at Stonehenge

Pulled out an oldie but goodie in honor of the Lone Survivor although we only did half a “Murph” and then added some other fun stuff on the back end of the workout which was tough because even a half Murph is brutal if done correctly. A full Murph is a mile run plus 10 sets of pull-ups, merkins, and squats (reps of 10, 20, 30) followed by another mile run.  Our legendary “Form Policeman” a/k/a Haggis set the example for all to follow as usual…

Warmup: SSH X 20, Mountain Climber X 20, Imperial Walker X 20, LBC X 20. Mosey to fitness trail below the pond:

The “Mini Murph”: 5 sets of pull-ups, merkins, and squats (10, 20, 30 reps, respectively). Between each set, ran a lap around the pond for 4 laps total (approximately 1/3 mile).

Mosey to knee wall where we spent 20 minutes doing various exercises including incline merkins (2 sets X 15), extreme decline merkins (1 set x 15), dips (3 sets x 20), and multiple abs at 20 cadence reps each (LBC, heels to heaven, bicycle, dolly, flutter, on the wall knee-ups). Mixed in merkins between abs: diamonds X 10, wide X 10, man-maker merkins x 10.  Finished with 10 man-maker burpees. Mosey to steps for 5 sets of bunny-hops up the steps.

Mosey back to the Vine for a Merkin Challenge: In a circle, we all did merkins until the Q called time. We then executed 8 burpees which was the difference between the most merkins executed (M. Tussauds @ 43reps) and the next highest (Frehleys @ 35 reps).

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