Hills and Hairburners

  • When:07/31/2014
  • QIC: Crabcake
  • The PAX: Spackler,Soft pretzel, Philmont,Furley(Respect), spandex, Pulled pork, Morning After,Peaches, Alf,Vinyard(WB), JR Ewing, Mock Kyper(Raleigh), Turnpike, Crabcake(QIC)

Hills and Hairburners

The VSF was planted this cool crisp morning and 14 pax showed up for a dose of hills and hairburners. What they failed to realize was these 2 workouts would be combined to make 1 intese, 02 deprived workout
The Thang
Little mosey to an open area for a quick warm-up
Slow squat x20 IC
SSH x 20 IC
10 burpees OYO
Merkins x 10 IC
Head for the hills of Murderhorn, down the hill and divide into groups of 3 or 4 and grab a plate.
Exercise #1
Partner 1 pushes the plate up Murderhorn, Partner 2 & 3 5 burpees. Run to partner 1 and switch until at the top. Plank at top.
Without plates, jog halfway down, 50 LBC and run to top.
Find your group and and plate run to bottom of Murderhorn
Exercise #2
Partner 1 pushes plate, Partner 2 & 3 10 merkins, chase partner and swith until at the top. Plank at top.
Without plate, jog halfway down, 50 LBC, jog to bottom.
Exercise #3
Pick up remaining plates, find group and mini Indian run up Murderhorn. Front person carries the plate.
Pick up rest of plates and head towards our starting point for a drop off.
Mosey in front of Theater for Starfish. Thanks to my childrens chalk, YHC got there early enough to write each exercise at each site
1) 20 CDD
2) 20 Merkins
3) 20 Squats
4) 50 LBC
5) 20 Military Merkins
6) 20 CDD
Run to station 1, complete set exercise, run back to center and 5 burpees until YHC called time.

Great work by everyone for this workout. Murderhorn is long and tough by itself, add hairburnes and it becomes a beast. Everyone stepped up and conquered it. Great push. YHC had a 3rd planned, but since I was already 02 deprived and the legs were burning, an audible had to be called. With only about 10 min left we completed as much as possible on the Starfish. Alf was still flying after the hill hairburners. Strong work brother. When YHC showed up 1 pax was swinging a KB. I figured for the Starfish it would be best to write each exercise down relaizing that after Murderhorn, the brain might not be firing on all levels.
Thanks for allowing me to lead everyone.

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9 years ago

Hairburners on the ‘Horn? Hate I missed that…

Reply to  Hairball
9 years ago

Bet you do. It was awful. Thankfully my partners were Peaches and Kiper (F3 Raleigh) who carried most the load.

JR Ewing
JR Ewing
Reply to  Hairball
9 years ago

This workout should be nominated for some kind of Q award. It was like an Easter Egg hunt. Run down murderhorn, look there are plates! Run up to the theatre, look there are chalk marks! Way to keep it interesting Crabcake! Thanks.

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