How about another berpie…

  • When:7/26/14
  • QIC: Floor Slapper & Far Side
  • The PAX: Far Side, Ocho Cinco, Joker, Lobster Roll, Picasso, Christoph, Baby Boomer, Keuchley, 89, Calloway, Scooter Time, Hokey Stone, Beaver, Old Tenembaum, Turkey Leg, Yankee, Slap Shot, Floor Slapper, Fonzie, Jaws

How about another berpie…

21 of the faithful met at Area 51 for an old fashioned beat down.  It all began in the great fog of 2014. The heat and mugginess brought out the complainers, but the leaders pressed on.The running was limited but the pain was abundant.  The berpies were plentiful and not one left dissatisfied… At least I think.

Floor Slapper:

Warm up

20 SSH

20 Imp Walk

10 burpees

20 flutter

20 dolly

9 burpees

20 squats

20 Merkins

8 burpees

Then the amazing adventure

Joker 800 at a steep pace

pause for 7 burpees

then end 6 burpees

finsihed 800

Polished off 11’s with jumps squats and Merkins

Back to parking lot – 5 burpees

Up to the wall 4 burpees

2 minutes of seat of pain

Far Side:

Lots and lots of merkins, berpies, squats, crunches, protractors, pull ups and peoples chair.  Then we did lots more, then we finished.


Welcome two FNG’s: Nick Nazeman – Fonzie and Tad Dunn – Jaws.  The entire workout probably had about 100 berpies.  We had a 2.0, The Fountain of Youth’s very own 63 year old Baby Boomer, as well as a couple of A51 Hall of Famers in Joker, Slap Shot and Calloway.  Once again Ocho Cinco proved to be the fastest man south of Hwy 51, well done.  Old Tenembaum true to form pushed through the workout with a poker face like no other, can’t tell if he’s suffering or having fun.  The mugginess and fogginess didn’t stop anyone.  well done men, aye!


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9 years ago

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