Cricket Anyone?

  • When:7/26/14
  • QIC: Joker
  • The PAX: 31 Dads and kids

Cricket Anyone?

31 humans [including some Dads, some pre-teens and some toddlers] hit Col Beatty Park on Saturday morning for the weekly edition of F3 Dads [Charlotte South style].

The Thang [I left my Weinke in my car this morning… so, this is a general description of things I can hardly remember two days later]

Warm Up:

-SSH X 20

-IW X 20

-Squat X 20

-Merkin X 10

-High Knees / Butt Kickers

Red-Light Green Light:

-Frog Jump

-Bear Crawl

-Gorilla Jump

Relay Races [five team of four kids]

Core Work – LBC, Flutter, Dolly, Plank


Finish with ten burpees


  • So, when Header asked me to Q F3 Dads this past Saturday I said, “Sure.”  It was actually a little harder than I thought it would be.  There was less heckling of the Q than a normal workout, but I found myself over-explaining things when I know the kids just wanted to get after it.  Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
  • I may have worked the kids a little too hard.  My sons walked downstairs on Sunday morning saying their stomachs and legs were a bit sore.  My workout was light on the kids games and heavy on the traditional F3 stuff… but, the kids seemed to enjoy it.
  • When we showed up the baseball fields for the workout there were two games of Cricket in process.  Luckily, Cricket players don’t hit bombs far into the outfield, so we were able to secure a patch of grass in right field that was suitable for the workout. 
  • Kids love races… it’s just a given.  And my favorite part was watching the youngest kids try to “stay in their lane” during the relay races.  Some of them were veering all over the place like drunken sailors.     
  • Young Love gets the Dad/Husband of the day award for bringing all his kids out.  How many Young Love 2.0s are there anyway?… I lost count, but it’s at least four. 
  • Thanks to the other Dads for helping keep the kids focused. 

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