• When:07/12/14
  • QIC: Alf, Sierra Mist (2.1) and Bug (2.2)
  • The PAX: Boondock, Horsepower, Horsehead, Chicken Leg, Turkey Leg, Duck Duck Goose, Abacus, Fishhook, Solo, Dolphin, Elsa, Cane, Little Mermaid, Big Merman, Mermaid, Fletch, Tiger, Geraldo, Cheerio, Olaf, Hopper, Critter, Simba, Grave Digger, Zendaya, Hermione Granger, Dynamite, Mr. Brady, Split Girl, Fishtail, Wingman, Bratwurst, Noyer, Beenie Weenie (she was not happy with this one), Foot Long, Sass, Ghost Pepper, Snakes, Chipotle, Bigfoot, Hex Bug, Monster Mutt, Ms. Responsible, Baja, Sierra Mist (Q), Bug (Q), and Alf (Q) - There was a few other's without a nickname yet, sound off in the comments if the kids thought of one on the way home.


A solid 50 dads and 2.0’s for this summers 3rd installment of Area 51 F3 Dads 2014.

The fields of Beatty Park were a bit crowded today with a game of Cricket on one pitch and another bootcamp going on another – #ClipBoarder #ForProfitWorkout #WaitTheyCanDoThisCoed?  Anyhow, we moseyed over to a soggy but unused portion of left field to get things started.


  • SSH x 10
  • Merkins x 5
  • IW x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 10
  • Cherry Pickers x 10

The Thang:

Line up along the fence for some animal walks, each about 10 yards out and back:

  • Bear crawl
  • Snake crawl
  • Frog hops
  • PAX choice – Crocodile (elbows and knees)
  • PAX choice – Giraffe – wait no one knows how do walk like a giraffe
  • PAX choice – Crab walk
  • PAX choice – Unicorn (2.0 on dad’s shoulders and flapping arms, dad uses hand on forehead as horn and trots around)

Last one was a wheelbarrow of the 2.0’s out and back.

Sharks and Minnows – about 10 sharks chased all the minnows around the infield.  Once tagged you sat out until all Minnows were tagged (Except for Bratwurst, who made easy work of outrunning a bunch of elementary school kids, apparently the Swift workout is proving valuable)

Rinse and repeat with some new Sharks and Bratwurst thrown in as a Shark.

Next up – Exercise dodge ball.  4 balls of different colors every time you get hit you have to do 5 of the color coded exercise – Blue – Swimmers (plank and touch hand to shoulder), Green – Mountain Climber, Red – Cherry Picker, and Yellow – SSH.

Round 1 – only 2.0’s can throw the ball, Round 2 only dads can throw the ball.

Relay Races – form 5 lines (about 7 2.0’s each line and associated Dad’s)

Race 1 – Partner Carry – Dad’s carry 2.0’s out and back (approx. 80 yards).  If you have multiple 2.0’s you run more than once – All of a sudden having a bunch of kids does’t seem like a great idea.

Race 2 – Standard out and back AYG sprint relay, every dad and 2.0 runs.


A great way to start a Saturday by spending some time with the kids and getting a some exercise in.  Looked like we had everything out there from 3 to about 12 years old and maybe a teenager or two.  We made sure the 2.0’s quickly learned that sometimes at F3 you get dirty, sandy, and wet – its all part of the deal, but you can wipe it all off on your shirt because mom is not around.

If you get the chance, sign up to Q one of these events.     My girls had a great time developing the Weinke and teaching me some of the games they played in P.E. at school.

Thanks do Dolphin for the great send off.

Announcements –

Sign up for F3 Camp August 15 -17 at Camp Thunderbird.  It will be a great way to finish off the summer and spend a weekend doing F3 Dads with the addition of the lake, pool, canoe’s, and campfires.




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