In the cards

  • When:7/10/14
  • QIC: Swiss Miss
  • The PAX: Binary, Ripcurl (respect), Geraldo, Risky Business, Hair Band, Horse Head, Remington Steele, Bing, White Snake, Boomer (WD), Gullah, Insomniac

In the cards



12 lucky Pax fought of the lure of the fartsack to see what YHC was dealing up for today’s downpainment.  Here’s how it played out:

* COP:

Mosey to bus lot

  • 10 SSH
  • 10 Slow Squat
  • 10 Seal Jack
  • 8 8-count man-makers
  • 10 IW

* Time for cards: YHC reviewed card rules:

  • Diamonds = Merkins (up the ante = diamond merkin)
  • Spades = Dead bug (on back, lift straight left leg up to straight right arm, repeat other side)
  • Clubs = Supine pullup (up the ante =  regular pullup)
  • Hearts = Spartan burpie (up the ante = regular burpie)
  • Face cards = 10, Ace = 1, 10-card = ten-count, No jokers (seriously)

Amble over to playground and executed above cards, with few audible 10-counts from YHC.


Wishing it was done, but six minutes remain.  How fortunate.  Just enough time for some Mary:

  • LBC
  • Russian/Mason/Swiss Twist
  • Protractor
  • Flutter
  • Dolly

(counts on Mary was not noted by YHC, but fit nicely in time remaining)


With 90%+ humidity, you couldn’t move this morning without sweating, and we were doing some pretty intense moving.  T-claps to the Pax for gamely going along with YHC’s card play.  Apologies to those looking for more Moderate than Intense.  Great meeting some new faces (new to me), and a privilege as always to lead such a solid group of men.


  • Deadline is July 15th for this fall’s Mud Run (October 4).
  • F3 Dads this Saturday, 09:00 at Col. Beatty Park.

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Hair Band
10 years ago

I still think it was a lame shuffle by the dealer. 😉

Great Q and I thought easily modifiable (is that a word?) for those that needed to.
Plus if they are going to post at some other “non moderate” AOs it’s probably good to push once in a while and everyone seemed to do great!

10 years ago

My fourth post this AM. And what a doozie.

If you’ve read any of my other comments, you know how much I *love* running. About halfway through, I thought to myself, “Self, this is awesome, beautiful post. We are not running, Self. This is a good, good thing.”

Self agreed. And for a moment, we were happy.

After another 10 minutes of the COP (Cards of Pain), I wished I was with the lads from Chariots of Fire, all beachside and running and stuff with the seabreeze flowing through my hair.

I asked Swiss Miss if it was a 3 deck shoe we were working with. He declined to answer.

All that said, great Q. As Hair Band mentioned, it was easily modifiable, and gave me a taste of the non-moderate AOs, which I hope to be ready for in a few weeks. Much like my typical experiences in Vegas, the cards kicked my butt, but this time, I liked it.


10 years ago

Also: 12 PAX + 1 Q = 13 souls. 13 cards per suit in a deck of cards.



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