The Few, The Proud, the Men of Stonehenge

  • When:07/05/14
  • QIC: Frehleys Comet
  • The PAX: Housekeeping, Pinkman, Puppy Love, Camacho, Madaam Tussauds

The Few, The Proud, the Men of Stonehenge

Sparse crowd given that there were a few convergence workouts around Charlotte and many regulars away for the weekend. Neverthelss, we carried on to work out the over indulgences from July 4 BBQ’s…

Warmup: SSH X 25, Merkins X 15, Squats X 20, Reverse Lunge X 20, Mountain Climbers X 20.

Workout: Began on knee wall by the lake. Jump-ups X 10 + Step ups X 20; Dips X 20, Incline Merkins X 15. 5 X Manmaker Burpees. Lap around the lake. Repeat exercises but replaced Inclines with Derkins. 8 X Manmaker Burpees.

Mary on the knee wall with legs elevted to increase intensity (20 reps in cadence):  LBCs, Flutter, Dolly, Bicycle, Heels to Heaven, Mason Twist, Protracter.

Mosey to fitness trail. 30 Chin-ups; 60 Merkins, 75 Squats broken up into 3 sets with reps of 10, 20, & 25, respectively.

Mosey to street; Sprints to the bridge (about 200 yards). People’s Chair with overhead press on the bridge. Run to the bottom. Bunny hop, lunges, backward run, and sprint to the bridge. 25 LBC’s. Run back to the Vine with detour around the lake. Finished with 30 sec 6-inch merkin hold.

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