Stretching hurts

  • When:6-30-2015
  • QIC: Whiplash
  • The PAX: Whiplash, Skywalker, Stage Coach, Baracus, Chanel, Radar, Bug Eater, Lab Rat, Purple Haze, Boutique, High Tide, Spackler

Stretching hurts

12 tight legged men showed up to go through 45 minutes of torture.

Today we did some isolated strength training with the bands then some more AIS stretching. For an “easy” work out Flex seems to get a lot of groans and whining. YHC included. I am convinced that the majority of Area 51 are just not flexible. Maybe that is how men are supposed to be.

Spackler is back from his weeklong trip in Ireland. He looked rough, swollen, and defeated. But, impressively he showed up the day after getting in late yesterday. Those 20 lbs should come off in no time Spackler.

Bug Eater let YHC borrow one of his stretch bands. It was a rope that he either pulled off his donkey on the way out or one he made himself out twine. It was a ugly little thing.


Convergence work out Friday

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9 years ago

I lost every pound gained at Fast Twitch this morning. And I still looked defeated.

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