I hear the hills calling

  • When:06/26/14
  • QIC: Crabcake
  • The PAX: Dirty D, Blackbeard, yogurt, Madame Toussou, Frasier, Outback, Philmont, JR Ewing, Vineyard(WB), Crabcake(QIC)

I hear the hills calling

The VSF was planted since the real one may be Ireland with Spackler and 10 pax got at it for a dose of the Rebel Yell. With a jog around the lot of the movie theater, we headed back to our start point for The Thang.

25 Merkins OYO. SSH x 25 IC
20 Merkins OYO. IW x15 IC
15 Merkins OYO. CDD x 10 IC
Head across the street towards Murderhorn, but stop short and hop on the field for some strength and speed work.
Sprint 50 yds. Mosey back x6
Jump knee tucks x 6; sprint 50 yds. Repeat x 3
Plyo- Merkins x6; sprint 50 yds. Repeat x3
Skier jumps x6; sprint 50 yds. Repeat x 3
Circle up for Prison Core
Legs at 90 degrees! toe touches center, right, left 10 each
10 LBC Twists left and right.
10 side crunches left and right.
20 Russians twists
20 Freddy mercury
20 superman
Rinse and repeat x3
Enough field work, head for the hills. We headed towards Murderhorn, but better heads prevailed and we made a U-turn and headed back to the theater and grab some wall.
BTTW with 5 presses.
People chair 90 sec with 20 air presses IC.
Peoples chair 60 sec, arms out front, 20 lateral raises IC.
Head back to start. Not to cheat anyone out of 30 sec, Death Star Burpees until no time on the clock.

Great work by all, especially on these muggy mornings that we have. It’s true you don’t have to go far to get a good workout and staying away from the hills is always a plus.
Thanks for allowing me to lead you thru the gloom.

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JR Ewing
JR Ewing
9 years ago

Awesome workout Crabcake!

Rolling in the grass!

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