Laurel and Hardy the F3 Version…

  • When:06/25/14
  • QIC: KY
  • The PAX: Chowder, Huddle, KY, John Deere, Tesla, Double D's, Big Top, Hopper, Blue Rhino, Ralphie, Choco Bottom (?), Oswald, Bieber, Steinbrenner, Dick Clark

Laurel and Hardy the F3 Version…

Anytime Huddle and KY share the Q it is the F3 version of Laurel and Hardy. One is a big, loveable man-beast in charge of his domain and the other is a svelte, sleek ninja adept at his craft (ok, so maybe that’s a bit generous, but you get the idea). For those that don’t know, Laurel and Hardy were a comedy double act during the early Classical Hollywood era of American cinema. They were both hilarious but very different in appearance… as are KY and Huddle. The above video shows some of their past exploits which is a good parallel to a typical Friday night for KY and Huddle (I love the fact that the video starts out with an “actual” jailbreak). Anyway, I digress. We hope the Pax liked the workout. Here’s how it went down…

5 Burpees OYO followed by another 5 burpees OYO to get the PAX into the “spirit”.

Mosey around the front entrance of Providence Day School with a combination of karaoke, high knees and butt kickers. Pull up at the Stop sign for 5 burpees OYO.

Run just past the gate for a little Alligator / Bear (swapping between Alligator Merkins and Bear Crawl upon Q command). FANTASTIC demonstration by Huddle…

Mosey back over to the 50 yard line for the coin flip (errr… COP)
* SSH x20
* IW x20

Mosey to the Goal line (not baseline as I said originally… sorry it’s the KY in me to only think basketball)
* Burpee ladder up to 15 starting at 5 and increasing in increments of 5 (burpees at each goal line running 100 yards to each end ala 1989 Rocket Ismail of Notre Dame fame)

Throw in some Squats and LBC’s before the hand-off over to Huddle…

Huddle took us to the 50 yard line and we did NORVEL
* 4 air presses for every Merkin up to 8 and then all the way back down… AWFUL (NOTE: thanks for the audible to come down from 10… I would still be on the field laying in my own drool and vomit)

Mosey back over to the goal line for “5 Minutes of Pain”
* Plank 20 seconds, 5 hand release merkins and then bust it down back the field 5x each one under a minute

Mosey through Huddle “crop dust” to the sideline and partner up
* Partner 1 broad jump across the width of the field, Partner 2 run half lap — flap jack

Saunter back to the VSF for grand finale
* 5 burpees
* 20 rosalita
* 30 Dolly (KY WHEELHOUSE!!)
* 5 burpees



* F3 Dads workout this Saturday at 9 am at Freedom Park (Plug – KY is Q’ing this workout as well. BE there!)
* F3 Campout – Aug 15-17
* See Double D’s for upcoming Q’s
* Good send off by Tesla today
* Thanks for the opportunity to let Laurel and Hardy Q this awesome venue. FEBA!

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