Forget creativity! Basecamp paying our debts…

  • When:06/23/14
  • QIC: Passport
  • The PAX: Pele', Robin Hood (WD), Good Hands, ShowTunes, Udder, Fireman Ed, Spinner, Swanson, Focker, Big Top, Hopper, Long Distance, Hard Drive, Geraldo, Gummy, Passport

Forget creativity! Basecamp paying our debts…

3 PAX for a little pre-KB, followed by…

16 Pax that ventured to initiate the week on a positive note, starting at Basecamp, with all eyes set on a target of getting better and climbing higher. For the race is not given to the swift nor the strong, but he who endureth to the end…

And off we set to endure. Following a Q (YHC) that left his Weinke on the nightstand! So much for creativity!!

The Thang

So a little mosey around the parking lot… Front for a lap, backwards for ½, forward ½, repeato for 3 laps… Last lap with high knees and butt kicks.

COP: Merkins x15, Plank-holds 6 inches and back


Last week, Udder required the “Mini-Murphy” as down-painment for the week. This week, the PAX will cover the remaining debt and then some…

Mosey down the ~1mi path to William R. Davie Regional Park playground along the sidewalk with 2 quick stops. 1) 1/3 of the trek for 20 squats in cadence 2) 1/3 of the trek for 15 merkins in cadence


50 pull ups 100 merkins, 150 squats = 1/2 murph. 5 sets total = 10, 20, 30 a piece

After 5 sets, repeat till time called.


Head to home base, through the trail

At the baseball field, join in for some Mary




Heading to the wall for some sitting. YHC realized that the wind had tumbled the newly christened basecamp SF. All PAX, 50 merkins OYO (one for each star), followed by 1 super burpee (one for each maple leaf)

Back to the wall. Sitting 45 secs down. Drop to the ground for a plank 30 secs. Sit 45 secs. Wall plank for 30 sec. Sit for 45 secs

MARY:  Flutter x15, LBCs x15, Flutter x15, Protractor, Sid the Kid

Moleskin: Great to have Pele’ back amongst us, as well as Long Distance. Big Top was paid a litany of comments by Fireman Ed acknowledging BT’s new reformed physique! PAX mumble chatter had YHC sad that he forgot the Weinke (they wouldn’t have had breath to chat, if I had the Weinke)! Excellent prayer lifted by Sir Robin of Locksley (sic: Robin Hood). Looking forward to next Monday with GoodHands on Q already!


Young Life mudrun. Sept. Check site for details

F3 Dads on Sats

F3 Camp Aug 15-17 register online

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