Choosing the Right Partner

  • When:06/21/2014
  • QIC: Fireman Ed
  • The PAX: Bubbles, Strange Brew, Crockett, Goon, Blitzen, Steinbrenner, Scissor Hands, Q Fireman Ed,

Choosing the Right Partner

8 Men said no to the fartsac and headed out into the gloom for a beatdown.  Running Mr. Webb would join us half way through the workout to add some extra fun.



The Thang:




20 X SSH

20 X IW

10 X Merkins

10 X mountain Climbers

10 X slow Squats


Partner up and head to the track next to parking lot.

Partner totals workout

Partner 1 runs a lap while Partner 2 does the exercise, then continue to flip flop until the total number of the exercise is reached. Plank after each exercise until everyone is done.


Round 1: 100 Merkins

Round 2: 150 Step ups

Round 3: 150 Squats

Round 4:  50 pull ups

Round 5:  200 LBCs


Mosey over to the football field.


Running Jack Webbs

1 merkin 4 air presses, run 70 yards

2 merkin 8 air presses, run 70 yards

All the way up to 7 merkins 28 air presses continually running 70 yards in-between



15 X Flutter

15 X Dolley

15 X Freddie Mercury

10 X sid the kid



Mosey to Bleachers in baseball field

2 rounds of 15 dips and 15 CDD then 80 yards of running


Mosey over to the building for some people’s chair, after a few rounds jail break back to the parking lot or slow mosey your choice.




Great job everyone, everyone really brought it today.  Some strong performances on the partner total workout. Thanks as always for the honor to lead.  Have a great week everyone.





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