It’s Getting Hot Out Here or it’s Just Summer

  • When:06/21/14
  • QIC: Abacus
  • The PAX: Floor Slapper, Gobbler, O'Tannenbaum, McGee (Kotters), Beaver (FNG, Kyle Conn), Cold Cuts, Donkey Kong (LIFO)

It’s Getting Hot Out Here or it’s Just Summer

It was the first “official” day of summer and it sure felt like a sauna at Area 51.  8 PAX showed up anyway to get their weekend started off right.  As the clock struck 0700, YHC led the PAX on a jog around the soccer fields and we circled up for COP:

  • SSH x 20 (IC)
  • IW x 20 (IC)
  • Squat x 25 (IC, Down on 3/Up on 1)
  • Merkins x 20 (IC)
  • MC x 20 (IC)

Head over to corner of soccer field for Four Corners:

  • Round 1 – Karaoke left to 1st corner, 5 merkins, Backward run to 2nd corner, 5 merkins, Karaoke right to 3rd corner, 5 merkins, Forward run to 4th corner, 5 merkins.  Plank and wait for PAX to finish.
  • Round 2 – High knees, backward run, butt kickers, forward run with 5 jump squats in each corner
  • Round 3 – Slide left, bear crawl, slide right, crab walk with 5 burpees in each corner (that one hurt)

Mosey over to rock pile, grab a rock (size matters as we will be moving), and head back to sideline of soccer field:

  • Rd 1 – 5 rock curls, run to midfield w/ rock, 10 rock curls, drop rock & run to other sideline, run back to midfield for 15 rock curls, run back to start w/rock
  • Rd 2 – Push Presses
  • Rd 3 – Goblet Squats
  • Rd 4 – Tricep extensions

Return the rocks to rock pile and jog to playground behind school for 6 MOM:

  • Dolly x 20 (IC), hold’em for 10 count
  • Flutter x 20 (IC), hold’em for 10 count
  • LBC x 25 (IC)
  • Rosalita x 20 (IC)
  • CCV x 10 R (IC)
  • CCV x 10L (IC)

Move the party over to the stumps for a little circuit work:

  • 10 jump ups on stumps, 10 tire hops, head down trail to benches, 20 dips, 20 decline merkins
  • Rinse & repeat x 2 (after locating Gobbler & Beaver who went for a little extra credit run on Nature Trail)

Mosey to front of school and circle up for Jack Webb:

  • 1 merkin/4 air presses up to 10 merkins/40 air presses

One minute left so AMRAP burpees for final minute



  • Summer made its presence felt as everyone was drenched by the end of this one.
  • Good to have McGee out with us as he made a guest appearance at Area 51, stopping by for a pit stop on his way to the beach.  Guy is strong and out front for much of the morning, though he did admit that planking may be his kryptonite.
  • Welcome to Beaver (FNG, Kyle Conn).  EH’d by Patrick O’Boyle of F3Metro.
  • Had to send out a search party for Beaver and Gobbler after 1st round of circuit work.  They took a detour onto the Nature Trail rather than making a left back to the stumps.
  • Nice work by all the PAX on a hot summer morning in the Carolinas.


  • F3 Dads has begun.  Held each Saturday during the summer from 9:00-10:00 a.m. at Colonel Francis Beatty Park.  Meet at the ball fields near the large playground.
  • Sign up for the fall edition of the Mud Run to be held 10/4/14.  Sign up now and teams will be formed later.
  • F3 Dads Camp to be held August 15-17 at Camp Thunderbird.  Sign up is available on the F3 website.



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