A Little of This, A Little of That…

  • When:06/19/14
  • QIC: Slimfast
  • The PAX: Gullah, Robin Hood, Insomniac, Rip Curl

A Little of This, A Little of That…

5 PAX had their priorities straight and shunned vacation, the heat, graduation, and whatever other excuses could be made to justify missing a morning at the Peak.  We were yaking when YHC noticed it was 1 minute passed 0530… and then Robin Hood pulled up… so of course our “reason” for the delayed start was to wait on the War Daddy… but that feeble excuse didn’t hold up… and we took off towards the Elementary.

The Thang:
SSH x 16
IW x 16
Slow Squats x 16
Merkins x 10
CDD x 10
Slow Squats x 16
Mountain Climbers x 16
LBC x 16
Flutter x 16
Dolly x 16
J-Lo x 5
Barishnikoff – Left and Right x 10

Grab a bench:
Decline Merkins (15), Dips (15), Step-ups (15)
Incline Merkins (15), DIps (15), Step-Ups (15)

Mosey to School drop-off:
Due to the intimate # of PAX, we did a modified “starfish”… or “Synchronized Swimming”…. whateve you are comfortable with.

Each PAX called an exercise.   Do 10 reps of the exercise, then come to the center, and do a called exercise together, then go back out and rotate to the right, and do the exercise called by that person… and so on around the pentagon…

Round 1 I can’t remember all of the exercises, but something like SSH, Cumberland County Viaducts, Jump Squats, CDD, Merkins all x 10.  After each station, we came together and did 5 Burpees

Round 2 Something like dive bomber merkins, LBC, People’s Chair, IW, Flutter — Skiers Lunge  in the Middle x 10 after each exercise.

Round 3 Something like SSH, hand release merkins, IW, Squats…. Then we called different exercies in the middle after each set.

Final exercise was 3 rounds of people’s chair.

Small group today, but a great morning nonetheless.  Everyone pushed hard and sweated it out!  Great to have Rip Curl join us for the first time at Peak 51, and only his second post overall.  Looking forward to seeing you out there again!

1.  Young Life Mud Run on 9/20.  Signups will be coming soon.
2.  F3 Dads starts this Saturday 6/21 at 9:00 at Col Beatty Park.


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