Hydra PreBlast – Crescent Moon Hopper

Hydra PreBlast – Crescent Moon Hopper

Tomorrow’s workout will be an adaptation of two old WIB favorites: the Crescent Moon and the Island Hopper.

Partner up – similar size

Run to the playground. Each partner completes 20 knees to elbows, 20 squats (x2)

Run to the concession stand. Each partner completes 20 dips, 20 jump ups

Run to FB field. Each partner completes 20 partner derkins, 20 partner LBCs

Over the “river” and through the woods to grandmother’s – NO, to the Foxworth Hill and don’t forget to make the turn. Backwards run up the hill to the stop sign. Each partner completes 20 jump lunges (each leg) and 20 burpees (x2).

Run it in reverse: back to FB field, concession stand, playground with same exercises at each station. Lather, rinse, and repeat as time allows.

For those keeping score at home, that is four (4) stations with two (2) exercises per station and a little under 1 mile total, there and back.

Each team should be able to complete at least 2 full cycles. Totals would be at least:

+/- 2 miles
80 knees to elbows
80 squats
80 dips
80 jump ups
80 derkins
80 LBCs
80 jump lunges
80 burpees

If so inclined, meet at Olde Providence Elementary lot.  We’ll launch at 0530.  Optional run to OP from HT leaving around 0520.

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9 years ago

Sadly (thankfully) I’m DR Thursday morning. Looks like a good time. Should be 3+ miles without the run in from HT.

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