Stars and bars

  • When:06/12/14
  • QIC: Soul Glo
  • The PAX: Chipotle, Hairball, Peaches, Iron Horse, Outback, Sprout, Dirty D

Stars and bars

On behalf of Soul Glo //
Eight pax kick-started their Thursday morning with a shot of Rebel Yell.
The Thang
SSH 25
IW 25
Merkins 10
Run to fountains for pain stations
Partner up, forming four groups, complete all four stations
Group 1: Run around shopping complex
Group 2: Bear crawl down right sidewalk (40 yds or so)
Group 3: Broad jump up left sidewalk (40 yds or so)
Group 4: Decline plank walk on fountain ledge
Rinse and repeat
Indian Run to speed bumps behind Target
Run to each speed bump and do 10 diamond merkins, plank at end
Run back doing 10 deep squats at each speed bump
Run to each speed bump and do 10 wide-arm merkins, plank at end
Mosey to stairwell at movie theater
One pax bunny hops up the stairwell, runs back down, rest of pax do Semi-Gloss with air presses (One rotation through)
Walk to the parking lot side of movie theater
Balls to the wall followed by down and back sprint across parking lot
Rinse and repeat x2
Mary (IC)
LBC 25
Dolly 20
Freddie Mercury 20
Merkin 10
Great effort by all the pax today. My goal was to keep us moving and hit all the muscle groups and I think we accomplished both. Special thanks to Iron Horse for the send off. It’s always a pleasure and a privilege to lead this group.

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