June Vern-ya know

  • When:6/10/14
  • QIC: Crack? or Drive through as this is his "workout in a box"
  • The PAX: Vision Quest, Special Sauce, KaChow, Motorboat, Travolta, Outlaw, Shoe, Thug, Gnarly Goat, Shooter, Kid Rock, Mad Dog, Easy, Perogie, Clooney, Bob Boyle (now know as MOOP DOG), Mayem, Titan, Cooter, The Count, Drive Through, Axel, The Geek, Jorel, Earl Gray, Water boy, Stromboli, Etch a Sketch, 3rd Army, Red Cedar, Ala freakin bamma, Daisy, Smallville, Formerly Snuggie now to be known as Boddington, Full Moon, Mac and Cheese, Moby Dick, Hollywood, Shaken (not stirred), Beefcake, Chestnut, Hattrick, Soprano, Beetlejuice, Panzer, Dirty Bird, Crack

June Vern-ya know

So here we are again, in the morning sweating as soon as we exit cars- in anticipation of the Vern….47 of the regulars from various AO’s showed today, I think I got all the names listed, if not, you know you were there…..


Tha Vern:

run 3/4 mile to park/ field….

10 pull ups, run 200 yards

20 dips, run 200 yards

25 merkins, run 200 yards

30 LBC run 200 yards……Rinse and repeat x’s 5….. or until out of time and head back for


some folks joined in with calls that included

hands up low flutter

pickle pounder




and a final set of Squats….

-great work today by many….. somewhere around 47…..

-great to see Outlaw out there (bang bang)….. and stepping right back into his ways….. for one renaming Snuggie…. as it was his second post (a year later than his first)!!…. Actually, It may have been Outlaws first post in 6 months as well….Glad you’re finally healing and back at it

-Soprano, and he wasn’t Q….I almost fell out

-As always look to see you in the gloom

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