• When:06/07/14
  • QIC: Dolphin w/assist from Checkpoint (Selection Pushups Lesson)
  • The PAX: Haggis, Puppy Love (Respect), Market Timer, Outback, Checkpoint (Respect, WD), Peaches, Gumbo, Mighty Mite, Soft Pretzel, Dr. Knoll, Blowhole, Lex Luthor, Mr. Bean, Morning After, Frehley's Comet (Respect), Camacho, Dolphin (QIC)


17 soggy pax came out in the abundant humidity for an early Saturday downPAINment. All the pax gave a very solid effort and most (YHC in particular) were thoroughly smoked.

The Thang

Jog to Ledge Lake

Mary on the Wall
– LBC x 25
– Dips x 15
– Flutter x 25
– Dips x 15
– Dolly x 25, hold ’em 10 seconds
– Dips x 15

Set of Fives
– 1 dozen merkins, run 4 laps around lake
– 2 dozen merkins, run 3 laps around lake
– 3 dozen merkins, run 2 laps around lake
– 4 dozen merkins, run 1 lap around lake
Plankorama to regather pax
Pays to Be A Winner! – Checkpoint leads next exercise.

Selection Standard Push ups Lesson courtesy of Checkpoint
– pax do 10 selection standard push ups. Only perfection counts
– Selection form, perfectly straight back, down all the way so that shoulders are below elbows, back up
Much, much harder than it sounds

Jog to fitness trail for pull ups, squats and merkins
Three rounds of:
– 10 pull ups (or as many proper form as possible)
– 20 merkins
– 30 squats

Run back to launch point
– Circle up for LBCs on the way
Run 30 feet
– Circle up for 20 merkins (several pax w/smokeboots had to run back to circle)


– Vey muggy morning and constant movement = soggy pax this AM.
– We covered a lot during the workout: ran >3 miles, close to 200 merkins, etc.
– Mighty Mite’s ice shower afterwards was interesting to see. #CSAUP

– F3 Dads starts 6/14 0900 at Beatty Park
– No Stonehenge on 6/14, converge at Death Valley AO (SCMS) for F3 Olympics
– F3 Pool Party at Candlewyck next Saturday as well

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