Hello Gopher and Mr. Webb

  • When:06/07/14
  • QIC: Geraldo
  • The PAX: Strange Brew, JV, Salt Lick (WD) Special Sauce (2.0), Bel Air, Geraldo (QIC)

Hello Gopher and Mr. Webb

The VSF was planted and 6 Pax including one 2.0, fought off the fartsack and made the Ascent.

The Thang:


  • SSH x 25
  • Merkins x 15
  • IW x 18
  • Mountain climbers x 15

The Gopher

Partner up for the Gopher. Partner 1 does a lap around the track back while Partner 2 runs to the concessions stand and completes the circuit of exercises of 10 Step Ups, 15 Dips, and 20 Squats. The partners flapjack and then return to the playground for plank. Continue the cycle for 30 minutes.

Mosey to the wall for the People’s Chair:

  • Round one: Arms overhead
  • Round two: Air presses
  • Round Three: Arms forward

Move back to the field for Jack Webb

  • Up to 7 and down 7

Line up and complete the called exercise across the field and sprint back

  • Lunge Walk
  • Karaoke Left
  • Karaoke Right
  • Backwards Lunge Walk 1/2 way

Time for Mary:

  • Rosalita x 15
  • LBCs x 15
  • Heels to heaven x 15
  • Flutter kicks x 15
  • Russian Twist x 15
  • Dollies x 15
  • 5 Burpees OYO
  • One minute left, as many Merkins AYG


  • Great work by the Pax, thank you all for the chance to lead
  • After announcing the Gopher, Strange Brew let us know what they do to Gophers in the Great White North #KillAllTheGophers
  • Tclaps to JV, keep it up





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