Preblast Joust- Mr. Brady’s first Q

Preblast Joust- Mr. Brady’s first Q

Come on out to Joust- Charlotte Christian School-tomorrow 0530 launch for the inaugural Q of one of the most famous architect of our time, Mr. Brady!  He assures YHC that he has designed something even a Lobster Roll will enjoy….perhaps something built on the side of a Grandma Mountain? or something painful on the astro turf?  You’ve got to post to find out.  See ya in the gloom.

Also, join us for 3rd F Compass at Chick-Fila Arbo 0630 as Saltlick leads us in finishing Limitless Life by Derwin Grey.  The next book we will discuss is Epic by John Elderidge.  This should be a good one for the summer.

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