Skunk on the Clock

  • When:06/03/14
  • QIC: Harley
  • The PAX: Hops, Bulldog, Splinter, Sanka, Hacker, Puddin' Pop, Geraldo, Semigloss, Yankee, Gullah, Cottonmouth, Sean Horton FNG Scratch & Win, Country Living, Susudio, Hacksaw, Tommy Boy, My Pleasure, Donkey Kong, Header, Lazy Boy, Fletch, Chanel, Brown, Swiss Miss, Hair Band, Stone Cold, TR, Crabcake, Harley

Skunk on the Clock

29 men ventured into the gloom to take on the clock for some running and kettlebells at Skunkworks. Strong work by all. Swiss Miss emerged as the overall winner, but I think we all took a beating from the clock.

– Imperial Walkers
– 2 handed KB swings
– Full situps
– KB snatches
– Merkins
– Mosey to parking lot

The Clock
– 9 minutes: run big lap around church and parking lot (0.66 miles), 2-handed KB swings
– 8 minutes: run small lap around church (0.45 miles), full situps (hands touch over head and palms touch by side)
– 6 minutes: run to exit road and back (0.3 miles), KB snatches
– 5 minutes: run to stop sign and back (0.2 miles), proper form merkins
– Slight rest between each set
– Keep running count of all reps

– Mosey back to flag
– Plank
– Crimean Twist w/ KB
– Luganis w/ KB

Solid work, always an honor to lead this group. My apologies if you did not get the warning on twitter that there would be running. Although it was each man against the himself and the clock, Swiss Miss was the overall winner with close to 300 reps. DK was up there as well but somehow he put himself in the Clydesdale running group with a slightly shorter track.

Welcome FNG Scratch & Win, you narrowly missed Scratch & Sniff. Keep an eye out on lottery TV commercials.

– Harley

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Hair Band
9 years ago

I have a request for the powers that be…

Can someone get the garbage truck to come around 6:30 to spare us the smell of splashed merlot and remnants of a TBQ?! Mary and Namorama was rough with that stench!

Stone Cold and I kept checking our six afraid we were going to sit or lay down in a mess.

Unless of course it was due to real merlot and TBQ then great beatdown and whoever it was please come back it will get better!

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