The Merkinator

The Merkinator

The perfect morning for a workout, a nice cool rain had already made its way through so the conditions were perfect as 8 men enter the gloom and headed for a beatdown.

The Thang:

Warm up:

A lap around the little track, with butt kicker and high knees.

Circle up
25 X SSH, 20 X MC, 20 X IW, 20 X squats

Mosey over to the football field in back, circle up
There were a few people requesting the whistle make another appearance this Saturday. Of course none of them showed up but the whistle wasn’t scared and showed up.

Up downs: everyone jogs in place, when the whistle is blown everyone touches their chest to the ground and jump back up. We did this at varying levels for about 5 mins.

Another Fireman Ed Favorite: Jack Webb: up to 7, 1 merkin, 4 air presses, 2 merkins, 8 air presses, etc….

Mary Break: 20 LBCs and 20 Rosalitas

Everyone mosey to the end line, for some more whistle work, a crowd favorite.
One whistle two whistle.

Up and down the field 5 times, jog on one whistle and sprint on two whistles, plank at each end until everyone is there

Mary Break: 21 Dolly and 21 Freddy Mercury

Line up for some tunnel of love, three times through everyone

Mary Break: 15 Flutters and 10 each way Sid the Kids. Thank you Strangebrew even though we were expecting you at the workout.

Mosey back to the field in front of the school for the Merkinator
Yes the Merkiantor, trying to get a good solid chest workout for the summer.


Everyone starts in the center with 5 burpees quickly modified to 5 squats. Every corner of the field you will do a different type of merkin 10 times and after you finish at each corner you return to the center and do 5 squats and go to the next corner.
Corner 1, 10 Regular merkins
Corner 2, 10 Wide grip merkins
Corner 3, 10 Diamond merkins
Corner 4, 10 Hindu Merkins, similar to dive bomber merkins but you make the full rotation with your chest

Repeat three rounds of this at every corner for a total of 120 merkins. And 60 squats

Mary Break: 15 heels to heaven and protractor lead by Passport.

The end is almost near, mosey to the school for some peoples chair with arms out and arms up and then take a break with 10 pullups, repeated three times.

Moleskin: Great workout everyone, the weather was perfect with the coolness of the rain. Yes, forgot to mention we did 5 Freddy Mercury’s and the Q had a sharp pain in his hip so that ended rather quickly.  The debut of the Merkinator was a huge success; well I think it was look for it in a workout near you. Passport thanks for doing the send off. Thank you all for the honor of letting me Q, I always enjoy it. Have a great week everyone.


Pool Party June 14, need more info check with High Tide

Donations for Dinner for Pele’s Family please give to Passport.

Go Ruck light coming up

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