Running With Pain

Running With Pain

15 strong brothers came to Stonehenge to kick the Memorial Day weekend off with a workout in the early gloom.  Our workout was simple but very productive.

The Thang

– Imperial Walker x 25
– SSH x 25
– Slow Squat x 25

Jog to Ledge Lake for run with pain stations.

Round 1:
Run 1 lap
Run 1 lap with 10 Derkins, 10 step ups (each leg), 10 dips
Plank for pax to regather

Round 2:
Run 2 laps
Run 1 lap with 20 Derkins, 20 step ups (each leg), 20 dips
Plank for pax to regather

Round 3:
Run 3 laps
Run 1 lap with 30 Derkins, 30 step ups (each leg), 30 dips
Plank for pax to regather

Round 4:
Run 4 laps (partner with slower runner to encourage him to do all 4, adjust pace as needed)
Run 1 lap with 40 Derkins, 40 step ups (20 each leg), 40 dips
Plank for pax to regather

Frehley’s Comet led Mary (on knee wall)
– LBC x 20
– Flutter x 20
– Dolly x 20

Run back to launch point


– This was a good one. 14 laps (over 4 miles) running, 100 Derkins, 80 step ups (each leg), 100 dips and the ab workout. YHC was definitely smoked after this one. I trust all the pax got what they were looking for.
– Solid work by a good crop of 2.0s once again. This was a hard workout and it was great to see their resolve.

– F3 South Pool Party on 6/14 at Candlewyck Pool Clubhouse
– F3 Dads cranks up in June at Beatty Park
– F3 Olympics on 6/14 at SCMS (Death Valley AO)
– Greenville, SC F3 Custom GORUCK on 6/14
– Check COT, email. twitter, website, etc. for updates on all of these

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