Cold Cuts can be Risky Business

  • When:5/24/14
  • QIC: Frazier & Far Side
  • The PAX: Floor slapper, Slap shot, Abacus, Blue hen, Joker, Frazier, Risky Business, Cold cut, Sprout, Far side, Dennis the menace, Keuchley, Old Tenembaum

Cold Cuts can be Risky Business

13 Pax including two 2.0’s and two FNG’s brought the pain for a good old fashioned Saturday burn at Area 51.

The Thang:

Indian run from the front of the school to the back with the Pax in the line doing the called exercise while the person in the back runs to the front.  Called exercises were high knees, butt kicks, shuffle both ways.




SSH x 30


Wide are merkins x 10, hold plank merkins x 10, hold plank diamond merkins x 10


Slow squat x 20


Mosey to the playground to partner up


In honor of Memorial day we did half a Murphy


Pull ups x 50

Merkins x 100

Squats x 150


Partner 1 runs around the school while partner 2 works on the count.


Plank when you are done.


Mosey to the back of the school where the stumps are located


Partner 1 runs around the school while partner 2 does the set of exercises


Jump ups x 25

Inclined merkins x 50

Splint squats x 80


Plank when you are done


Walk to the open patch of grass for Jack Abs courtsey of Mighty Mite


One whale kick for every four LBCs.  We did up to seven whale kicks and 28 LBCs


Hand off to Far Side

SSH x 20

IW x 20

MC x 20

rock pile

Stagger arm merikins x 8 flap jack

diamond rock merkins x 2

curl x 20

tricep extension x 20

partner suicide ladder

round 1 merkins and LBC

round 2 flutter and squat

round 3 carolina dry dock and merkins

mosey to playground, shuffle backwards etc

10 merkins


Dolly x 20

rosalita x 20


lbc x 20

flutter x 20



Two FNG’s brought the pain this weekend.  Welcome Cold Cut (Michael McAllister) and Risky Business (Joel Rutledge). Strong showing for your first outting.  Two 2.0’s also appeared for about 5 minutes of exercise and 55 minutes of throwing rocks and messing around.  Floor Slapper’s wife thought he was in the driveway packing the car to go camping, must have a lot of stuff to pack if she didn’t know you were gone.  Glad to Co-Q with my man Frazier, always a lung buster to work out with you.  Sorry for the late post of this BB.  Memorial Day festivities can be demanding!

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