REGRETful Workout

  • When:5/17/13
  • QIC: Dolphin
  • The PAX: Fireman Ed, Udder, Duval (FNG Kevin), Teddy, Puppy Love (Co-WD), Mic Check, Haggis, Frehley's Comet (Co-WD), Peaches, Dr, Knoll, Morning After, Brisket, Dolphin (QIC)

REGRETful Workout

13 strong pax started Saturday off right with a downPAINment at Stonehenge.  Amongst our brethren were 1 FNG.  There was lots of variety in this workout but YHC kept going back to exercises he hates for some reason.  Any way, a great way to start the day.

The Thang
Jog to adjacent lot for COP

– LBC x 50
– SSH x 40

Run a lap around Ledge Lake an proceed to Fitness Trail.
Partner up
P1: Run a lap around Ledge lake
P2: Pull ups
Continue until 100 pull ups total completed

Run across road to big parking lot.
Split into two teams
Rolling Merkin relay between parking lot “islands” (@ 25 yards)
RM out and bear crawl back
Remainder of team does squats while waiting
Winning Team: Lap around parking lot
Losing Team: Burpees until Team 1 finishes

Kamikaze Suicides
Team 1: Suicides out/back to each of 5 lines
Team2: Dive Bomb Merkins

Run to Bull Field for Mary
– LBC x 25, hold it 10 secs
– Rosalita x 15
– Dolly x 15

Partner up, for Dips
P1: Sit up position
P2: 10 Dips (hands on P1 knees)
Rinse and Repeat x 5

Run to Lake Hill
2 Merkins, backwards run up hill, 4 squats, run down
6 Merkins, backwards run up hill, 8 squats, run down
10 Merkins, backwards run up hill, 12 squats, run down
14 Merkins

Run up stairs to parking lot, lunge walk 25 yards
Run through sprinklers (several pax took a drier route…weak!)
People’s Chair x 2:00

Run back to launch point


– Solid workout with no breaks, 10 counts or anything. We literally never stopped!
– YHC has a sincere dislike for pull ups, rolling merkins and backward hill repeats. Hence the “regret”. All that was missing were hairburners…Hmmmmmmm.
– Welcome to FNG Kevin (F3: Duval). Hope you enjoyed the workout and come back soon.

– F3 Dads cranks up in June at Francis Beatty Park. Great time to bring 2.0s out to see F3. Daughters and sons are encouraged to attend. Look for more details in COT and the weekly email.
– F3 South School’s Out Party on Saturday June 14 at Candlewyck Pool And Clubhouse. Plan to bring the family out.

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