2.0s – Leaders of the PAX

  • When:5/10/14
  • QIC: Dolphin
  • The PAX: Haggis, Wingman, Soft Pretzel, Mr. Bean, Out Cold (WD), Honey Bee, Mic Check, Bolt (2.0), The Worm, Bookworm (2.0), Lugie, Keuchly (2.0), Willy Wonka (2.0), Madame Tusseau, Pingman,, Market Timer, Frazier, Puppy Love, Dolphin (QIC)

2.0s – Leaders of the PAX

YHC had to set land speed records to make it to the gloom by 0600. ¬†Awaiting me were 18 additional pax ready for a dose of #Stonehenge. ¬†Amongst our crewe were four 2.0s, who were smaller only in size when compared to the “adults”. They gave a full size effort and left many of the pax chasing them!

The Thang

Little baby jog to parking lot for COP

– SSH x 25
– Squats x 25
– Merkins x 10

Little baby jog to second parking lot
Partner up (2.0s with Dads)
P1: Run lap around parking lot (@1/3 mile)
P2: Squats while you wait

Jog to loading dock
– People’s Chair x 1:30 with arm presses
– Merkins x 30 (number determined by Haggis)
– People’s Chair x 1:30 with Frankenstein Arms
– LBC x 40 (number courtesy of The Worm)
– People’s Chair x 1:30
– Mountain Climbers x 45 (thanks Mic Check)

Jog to base of hilly entrance to parking lot
P1: Jog south to speed bump, 10 Merkins and back
P2: Jog north to stop sign, 10 Merkins and back
Partners combine for total of 100 LBCs

Run to Field of Bulls
– LBC x 25
– Burpees x 5 OYO
– Dolly x 10
– 6 inches x 20 seconds
– Dolly x 10
– Imperial Walker x 25

Mosey to big rock, split into two teams
Rolling Merkin Relays
– Rolling Merkins to Bull, Bear crawl back
While waiting turn, remaining pax alternate
– Squats, Burpees and LBCs

Run to Ledge Lake
– 15 dips and run a lap
– 15 Derkins and dips and run a lap

Jog to Wells Fargo lot, split into 4 teams
– Sprint relays to end and back
Winner- 0 Burpees
2nd – 1 Burpee
3rd – 2 Burpees
4th – 3 Burpees


– Awesome work by everyone and special shout out to the 2.0s! All pax were soaked to the bone at the end.
– Rolling Merkin Relays: depending on your view, there were either no winners or no losers. Based on how YHC felt, I vote for for no winners.
– Sprint Relay: YHC thought he overheard Mic Check lamenting a lack of racing in the workout. At Stonehenge, it’s all about customer service so YHC obliged only to learn that I misunderstood Mic Check (O2 deprivation?). He was simply saying that his 2.0 Bolt was hoping for racing. Well, we ended on a high (or low) note.

– F3 Dads returns Saturdays in June. Beatty Park at 0900. Check email, twitter and COT for more details.
– Stonehenge/ Ballantyne 5K Double down: Come do Stonehenge next Saturday(5/17) and then run the Ballantyne 5K afterwards.

It’s Mothers Day tomorrow so be sure to thank God for our precious mothers and M’s who are moms. Even if your mom has gone home to the Lord, she still impacts your life everyday.

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10 years ago

Wish I had a picture of Market Timer and Wingman during the relay burpee sets. They really could have used a couple of high top chairs and coffees.

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