That’s a Pretty Sunrise

  • When:05/08/14
  • QIC: Slimfast
  • The PAX: Tommy Boy, Sanka, Gullah, Chaps, Swiss Miss, Callaway, Joker, Robin Hood, Remington Steele (John Brosnan - FNG), Geraldo, My Pleasure

That’s a Pretty Sunrise



Hard to call it the gloom on such a great morning, but 12 men including 1 FNG (Remington Steele, John Brosnan), trekked to Peak 51 for an early morning dose of oxygen deprivation and muscle breakdown.

The Thang

Following a heart-felt disclaimer that would make Clint Eastwood shed a tear, we mosied to the parking lot for COP

SSH x 20
Merkins OYO x 7
Slow Squat x 15
Merkins OYO x 6
Imperial Walker x 15
Merkins OYO x 5
Jump Squat x 10
Merkins OYO x 4
Mountain Climber x 10
CDD x 10
Merkins OYO x 3

Stayed in parking lot and leveraged well-marked parking lines for some suicides.
Round 1:  4 lines suicide, then sprint to opposite end; rinse and repeat
Round 2:  4 lines suicide, then backwards run to opposite end; rinse and repeat
Round 3:  4 lines suicide, then lunge walk to opposite end… felt like a mile!  rinse and repeat
Round 4:  4 lines suicide, then karioke run left; rinse and repeat karioke right going back

Next was some hill work.  Do called exercise at the bottom, sprint to top, do called exercise, then back.  3 sets each:
1.  CDD x 5 at bottom, Squat x 5 at top
2.  LBC x 10 at bottom, Merkins x 5 at top
3.  Flutter kick x 20 at bottom, Jump Squat x 5 at top

Mosey to the Performing Arts Center for some bench work:
3 sets of Derkins x 10, Dips x 15, LBC x 20
2 sets of bench step ups x 20

Grab some wall for 2 minutes of preacher chair, and enjoy the beautiful sunrise!

Final mosey back to the parking lot for some Mary:
Dolly x 15
Flutter x 15
Freddie Mercury x 15
LBC x 15

Icing on the cake:  3 burpees OYO… Done!


Welcome to FNG John Brosnan (Remington Steele).  Great to have you join us!  Strong work out there and look forward to seeing you again!

As stated earlier, it was absolutely picture-perfect morning for a beat down.  YHC is honored to have led this fine group of men in our 2nd installment of Peak 51.  Geraldo and I are having a blast getting to know each other along with the PAX who are posting to the new site.  We are very excited about the potential for this location, and can’t thank the PAX enough for supporting us for the past 2 weeks!  Continue to bring your buddies out!!

Robin Hood, thanks for the strong send off, Brother!

1.  Sat May 10 8:00 AM Swiss Miss reminded us of a service opportunity to help move tree limbs from his neighbor’s yard.  Watch twitter… @SwissMissF3
2.  F3 Golf Tournament – May 29… check website
3.  Spearhead will be collecting food cans for donation to the 2nd Harvest Food Bank on Saturday. Bring cans to your workout.
4.  Church on the Street — I-277 and Mint St.  more information on


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10 years ago

Great Q Slimfast. Enjoyed it!

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