Slap Happy

  • When:5/5/14
  • QIC: Field of Dreams
  • The PAX: Love Bug, One Eye, Spackler, Dick Clarke, Beefeater, Snowflake, Bugeater, Skywalker, World Tour, Rashard, Hamlet, Hannibal, Intel, Meatsauce, Tree Killer, Steinbrenner, Bushwood, Fruity Flakes, Voodo, Hammer, Sunrise, Sub 4 (DMZ- FNG), Chef Boyardee, FOD

Slap Happy

24 posted strong on Monday.  Wake & Quake at DMZ.

The Thang:

Run to CMS for warm up:  SSH x 25 / Imperial Walker x 20 / Mountain Climber x 20 / Diamond x 20 / Knee Slappers – Drop for Merkin and Arm Press x 5, 10, 15, 10

Mosey to Football Field

Partner 1 Run / Partner 2 Knee Up, Switch.  Repeat: Flutters, Russian Twist, LBC

All run with exercise at 25/50/25/End, run back:  Carolina Dry Dock x 10, Merkin x 10, Burpee x 5

Mosey to Hill for 11s with Merkin at top, Squats at bottom

Prisoner Chair, Ball to Wall Press x 10, Repeat

Back to COP for Mary:  Sunrise, Rashard, and …was it One Eye?


PAX enjoyed the knee slappers so much they decided to do more instead of the knee up on the field.  Of course it could have been Hamlet’s obsession with the word knee slapper.

Great mumble chatter.  Why was everyone in such a good mood?

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