Mt Goat hard

  • When:05/02/2014
  • QIC: Stone cold
  • The PAX: Baracus, Strange Brew, Spandex, Mr. Brady, Lab Rat, Skywalker, Horsehead, Lobster Roll, Stone Cold

Mt Goat hard

Shovel flag was planted and 9 old mountain goats showed up to do a little climbing

The Thang:

Mosey around the track,- high knees, karaoke, backwards

SSH x 25

Merkins x 20

Windmill x 20

IW x 20

Groiners x 15

Partner up:  PT #1 stadium stairs, PT #2 one lap around track;  flap jack, rinse and repeat x 4

Declined plank; Declined Merkins x 15

To G-Ma Mountain:

11’s up the Mt.:  Pull-ups at top; Merkins at bottom

Mary (by Lobsta roll):  LBCs, Flutter, Dolly, Rosalita

Circle ab something with the legs (by Brew):  clockwise, counterclockwise

100 yard dash



Lobsta Roll is strong and fast- ‘nuf said.  Be ready for his Q, coming soon to a theater near you.

Extra strong performance today by all, G-ma Mt 11’s is very tough; she will suck the wind right out of ya.

YHC observed Skywalker and Baracus challenging each other on the track- always good to push each other, good job gents.

Ok, Brew, you’ve got to comment below cause YHC could not remember what you called that unsavory ab thing we did.  It was good though and will return.

HorseHead!…..YHC just likes saying it.


Baracus BRR plug- if interested let him know, will need backup/alternates and drivers too.

F3 Knights game- is there interest?

New Moderate workout on Thurs at Matthews Elementary- Peak 51

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9 years ago

You didn’t say it right.

9 years ago

Oh, and that giant hill is a piece of &$!”@&. Love it! Some of the Kevlar boys should check out the Joust for a fun way to mix up your Friday.

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