#F3TheStand: NEW BOOK “How God Makes Men”

#F3TheStand: NEW BOOK “How God Makes Men”

#F3TheStand launches into a new book beginning this Friday. The book is titled “How God Makes Men” and it was written by Patrick Morley, who also wrote “Man in The Mirror”. Here is a description of the book and a brief chapter outline:

“How God Makes Men” takes ten epic stories of men from the Bible and explores ten principles, based on failures and successes, that show how God works in a man’s life to help him become the man God created him to be.

Chapter 1 – Abraham and the principle of believing God anyway

Chapter 2 – Joseph and the principle of the greater good

Chapter 3 – Moses and the principle of personal transformation

Chapter 4 – Gideon and the principle of the unexpected leader

Chapter 5 – David and the principle of correction

Chapter 6 – Solomon and the principle of success that matters

Chapter 7 – Nehemiah and the principle of the passionate calling

Chapter 8 – Job and the principle of suffering for no apparent reason

Chapter 9 – Peter and the principle of making disciples

Chapter 10 – Paul and the principle of a surrendered life

Ahead of us are the stories of 10 fascinating men from the Bible and how God used circumstances in each of their lives to shape them through these proven principles. Our discussion and fellowship as we gather together after our time in the gloom will uplifting. Make plans to join us each week. If you can’t make it each week…come as often as you can. We meet at 0630 in the Panera at Carmel/51, following #F3Centurion.

Here are some links for the book:



We look forward to seeing you!

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