The Asterisk

The Asterisk

8 men showed up to the McAlpine Proving Grounds for another #F3DayZero Challenge…but this time it was different. The list was different; the music was most certainly different…this was the Partner Edition. You and your partner vs the list. You and your partner vs the other teams. We did the exercises and took a 1/3 mile lap in between. Sometimes you were with your partner…other times you were running while your partner did his share of the reps. Here’s the list:

  • Partner merkins x 20 (that’s 210 per person)
  • Partner jump squats x 20
  • Ski Abs 200 total
  • Partner Carolina Dry Docks x 20
  • Calf Raises 300 total
  • Dollies 300 total
  • Backwards Bear Crawls up hill 30 total
  • Partner Deep Squats x 20
  • LBCs 300 total
  • Sandbag Presses 100 total
  • Partner Knee Tucks x 20
  • Mountain Climbers 300 total
  • Partner Diamond Merkins x 10 (that’s 55 per person)
  • Lunges 100 each leg
  • Russian Twists 300 total
  • Partner Burpees x 15 (that’s 120 per person)

After much explanation of the list and of how the Partner exercises worked, there was still confusion at the start. Splinter and Frasier, who won* the Partner Challenge by a few backwards bear crawls, totally bungled the beginning and it remains in question as to whether they completed all the reps required. Regardless, they didn’t do them correctly, how the 2nd place did them. And so, their victory will remain forever marked by the asterisk.

But still Splinter took advantage of the free coffee to the winners offer and had YHC buy his M’s $4 coffee while he ordered himself a $1.50 decaf on his own dime. Not sure how he slept last night.

Long Distance showed strong during the Challenge after his long hiatus. Tiger Rag was full of his normal, uh, banter, threatening refusenik from the onset and calling others’ form into question halfway into the Partner Merkins. Stagecoach and Harley went about their business from beginning to end.

After Radar’s disclaimer that he did not have a playlist and that we would be shuffling through his songs and that some of them could have offensive lyrics, he hit play and the very first song was Barry Mannilow: Live from Mandalay Bay…yes very offensive…he blamed his M…but sang Copacabana under his breath for the duration of the workout. TR gave up his time to fast forward through some of the other questionable music choices that came up…thank you TR.

YHC’s partner and co-site Q worked hard but, when not singing, spent most of the hour encouraging YHC, in his own special way. YHC heard things like “C’mon Haze, you’re killing me here” and “How does it feel to be costing us victory?” Then he skipped out on the coffeeteria, leaving it to YHC to take out a loan to buy Splinter’s M’s white chocolate latte with a peppermint twist.

The Partner Challenge was hard…but a lot of fun. There’ll be some tweaks…but it will certainly return. Next time find a partner and come out!


  • Sign up for F3 Golf men. Don’t delay. Do it now.
  • New moderate intensity workout launches Thursday in Matthews.


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