Stonehenge Alive and Well

Stonehenge Alive and Well

Stonehenge managed to survive without Dolphin who decided to run all night in the woods somewhere in the NC mountains. Hope he made it out of there!  The pre-workout included a 5:30 kettle bell routine with YHC, Champagne, Wingman, and Madame Tussauds. The rest of the PAQ arrived and all 20 of us launched at the Vine and jogged to the parking lot above the lake:

Warmup: SSH X 25, Squats X 25, Planks+Peter Parker X 10 + Parker Peter X 10 + Merkins X 10, reverse lunges X 10, curb tricep dips X 20. Jogged to knee wall above the lake.

Workout: Started with Mary on our sixes on the wall which in YHC’s opinion should be the only way to work abs – it raises the level of intensity. LBC’s X 20, Dolly X 20, Flutter X 20, Heels to Heaven X 20, Bicycle X 20, Protractor for 1 minute. Between each set of Mary, Decline Merkins X 10 (3 sets), Decline Merkins X 15 (3 sets) and High Knees X 20 (4 sets) + Step-ups X 10 (1 set) X 15 (1 set).

Ran to fitness trail and rotated between 3 stations. Station I: Dips X 10, Merkins X 10, Squats X 20. Station 2: Supine pull-ups X 15, Merkins X 10, Squats X 20.  Station 3: Chin ups X 10, Merkins X 10, Squats X 20.  Ran from fitness trail to bridge for 2 sets of people’s chair with alternate leg raises and overhead press X 50. Ran to Met Life field by the garage. Various sets of sprints with exercises in the middle and the other side of the field. bear crawl, burpees, jump squats, merkins, LBC’s.  In the parking garage, split into 3 groups and rotated between running up the stairwell, running up to 2nd level, and running around level 1 circle.  Ran back to Vine about 3/4 mile with 1 stop for LBC’s X 50 and Merkins X 25.

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