The comeback kid

The comeback kid

YHC decided to make his comeback Q at Rebel Yell since his injury and 8 others determined not to fartsack from the mild temperatures to see what was on the agenda. Before the main dish was served, 2 showed and then a 3rd 10 minutes later for a pre-KB workout.
5 one handed swings
5 cleans
5 high pulls
5 snatches
5 squats
Complete everything on the right, then left= 1 set. Complete 5 sets. Nice job Spackler and semi-gloss. This was a beast from beginning to end.
THe appetizer is over, on to the main dish for all to enjoy.
Most to front of theater
MC X10 IC (hold it). 10 Merkins OYO (hold it). Peter Parker’s x 10 IC.
1st speed bump- 20 CDD
1st Intersection- 5 DEATHSTAR
2nd speed bump- 20 squats, 20 CDD
3rd speed bump- 20 LBC, 20 squats, 20 CDD
2nd Intersection- 5 DEATHSTAR
4th speed bump- 20 lunges, 20 LBC, 20 squats, 20 CDD
3rd Intersection- 5 DEATHSTAR
5th speed bump- 20 Merkins, 20 lunges, 20 LBC, 20 squats, 20 CDD
4thnIntersection- 5 DEATHSTAR
Mosey behind Target, find a piece of wall
People chair 60 sec.
Climb half hill, 10 incline Merkins, top hill 10 Merkins, back half way down, 10 derkins
People chair for 60 sec with x20 air presses IC Repeat hill work with bear crawl. Then people chair for 45 sec, lower 3″ 15 sec.
More spree bumps. Start at 1st, run to 2nd 20 CDD, Back to 1st 20 LBC, run to 3rd 20 CDD, back to 2nd 20 LBC, run to 4th 20 CDD, BACK TO 3rd 20 LBC, run to 5th 20 CDD, back to 4th 20 LBC, run to 6th 20 CDD, back to 5th 20 LBC. Run to 6th and plank for rest of group.
Mosey to entrance at theater, 20 Merkins, 20 lunges, 20 LBC, 20 squats, 20 CDD and 10 DEATHSTAR.
Mosey back to start for pax lead Mary
Purple haze- Freddy mercury (hold em)
Abacus- dolly (hold em)
Semi-gloss- Rosalita in Spanglish
Spackler- back scratcher
Frehley comet- heels to heaven
The main dish has now ended
Great work by all. I knew I didn’t want a lot of running and tweeted this would be mostly an upper body workout. Hopefully it was try to form. I must thank google maps for showing me all the speed bumps. I do believe we hit them all. The DEATHSTAR, I used one other time at the old rebel yell and thought it would a great idea to have it show it’s ugly head. It did not disappoint. Think deadman burpee into a star jump. No cheating with this one. Great name terrible idea(thanks haze). Hope this gets used again. Spackler was a beast on the final speed bumps. Left it all on the field. Semi- gloss decided to show 10 min late for the pre-KB Swing and true to form started complaining about something. Nice call Spackler.
Thanks for allowing me to lead everyone into the gloom. It was nice to get back into the Q.
Thanks for the send off Spackler.

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10 years ago

Great Q CC. Welcome back sir.

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