Outland & A51 Mud Free Mini Convergence

Outland & A51 Mud Free Mini Convergence

The Men of Outland and Area 51 converged for a mud free workout at Area 51.  While only 1 member of Outland was there, Hairband represented in full force and brought the pain.

The thang:

Wait for other non mud run Outland folks……..and wait……..
Bunch of fartsackers! Let’s mosey!

Mosey to parking lot for COP:
SSH x 15
IW x 15
Low slow squat x 15

Partner up
P1 does called exercise
P2 runs 1/2 lot & back then full lot &  back

Round 1 Merkin’s
Round 2 Carolina Dry Docks
Round 3 squat

Mosey to wall for PC’s
About 15 seconds @ 90 , drop an inch for another 15 or so,  recover.

Pain stations
3 rounds: Step ups, decline Merkin’s, pull ups. 20 each!

Wait, what?! Must have had some O2 deprivation because I quickly remembered I suck at pullups and the saying don’t Q it if you can’t do it popped into my head. Make it 10 pull ups.

Plank when done and then a little plank work.

While there Jack Webb came to visit: 1 merkin to 4 air presses up to 8

Hand off to Far side!

10 berpies

trail run

10 berpies

SSH x 20

IW x 20

11’s with berpies and merkins running the length of the football field.  had to call it quits after 5 – IF YOU CAN’T Q IT, DON’T DO IT.

peoples chair, lung walk, peoples chair

stagger arm merkins x 8, flap jack

incline merkins x 8

decline merkins x 8

run a lot


LBC x 20

Back scratchers – in honor of Counter Top x 20


berpies for the last 1 minute and 20 seconds

The Pax brought some great effort and ran hard all monring.  Special thanks to our Outland brother, Hair Band, for Q’ing and bringing some creative pain to the field.  I hear there are some Outland berpies due for those who fartsacked,.  someone better make sure they pay up.


Announcements:  We’re looking for A51 faithfuls to donate $10 for a hole sponsorship at the F3 Golf Outting.  See Abacus or Far side of you want to contribute.




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