The Shawshank Shimmy

The Shawshank Shimmy

Perhaps out group was small, but this morning’s PAX showed the heart and effort of 30 lesser men in Charlotte still abed on this cool, spring morning.


Co-Q John Deere started off in the COP:

15 Merkins

20 SSH

10 Merkins

20 IW

15 Merkins

15 Windmills

10 Merkins

25 LBC

10 Merkins

10 Burpees OYO

10 Merkins

Gather at the goal line for the Shawshank Shimmy to the 30 yard line. Everyone planks to form a tunnel. Guy at the goal line shimmies or crawls through the tunnel and planks at the end. Next guy in line crawls through. Repeat until somebody sees open gloom at the 30 yard line. Also known on the Providence Day field turf as the Carpet Burn Crawl.

Suicides to the 10, 20, 30 40, 50. Plank.

Bear crawl to the 10; crab walk back.

Bear crawl to the 20; crab walk back.

25 Jump squats.

Co-Q: 50 Shades

Partner up: wheelbarrow 100 yards, switching every 10.

60 Second elbow plankorama.

Partner carry 100 yards, switching at the 50 yard line.

People’s chair while YHC explains Catch Me if You Can. Partner 1 begins a lap while partner 2 does called exercise. Partner 2 then catches up to partner 1 and partner 1 does the exercise. Repeat until lap is complete. While we were all just sitting around on that wall we did 20 air presses too.

Catch Me If You Can. Lap 1: 10 Merkins. Lap 2: 10 Jump Squats

People’s Chair w 25 air presses

Lap 3: 10 Carolina Dry Docks

60 second elbow plankorama.

25 dips OYO; Jailbreak to COT.


Not much mumblechatter from the PAX. Everyone had their back into it. Announcements were light. Tesla’s prayer was strong. We all vowed to do it again. And we will.

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