In Pairs

In Pairs

We get so many PAX every week now at Bagpipe, Q thought it best to partner up and spread people out.  Otherwise, we don’t all fit on the wall at Lochness anymore!

The Thang:

Mosey to lower parking lot for warm-up:

SSH x 30, Mountain Climbers x 20, Backward lunges x 10, Merkins x 15 (all IC)

Head to Lochness for three sets of alternating exercises.

Set 1: P1 lap around lake, P2 alternate 15 decline merkins and 15 squats until P1 back.  Flapjack.  Set 2: P1 lap around lake, P2 alternate 15 dips and 10 jump ups until P2 back.  Flapjack.

Set 3: P1 lap around lake, P2 alternate 10 burpees and 20 LBCs until P2 back.  Flapjack.

Mosey around to another parking lot for more alternating sets.

Set 1: P1 bearcrawl across lot, P2 flutters until P1 crosses.  Flapjack.

Set 2: P1 lunge walk across lot, P2 dollies until P1 crosses.  Flapjack.

Set 3: P1 broad jump across lot, P2 mason twists until P1 crosses.  Flapjack.

Sprints!  Alternate with partner, who does merkins until partner gets back (3X).

More Mary: Heels to Heaven x 15, Rosalita x 20 IC, LBCs, x 20 IC, Mason Twists x 15 IC.  Planks.

Mosey back toward launch.  Enough time for more so: 10 jump squats, series of planks.


New workout coming on Tuesdays in the coming weeks.  Bratwurst will lead a running workout similar to SIB.  Will launch same time and place as Bagpipe so PAX will have the option each week.  Awesome idea!  

Two additional workouts coming as well.  One at Marvin Ridge Elementary to launch on Wednesdays, another to launch on Thursday’s and be more of a moderate intensity workout.  Site TBD.  Contact Skywalker with questions.

Enjoyed the hard work today fellas.  Thanks for pushing each other and making the most of it.  -SP

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10 years ago

I believe the Wednesday workout will actually be at Marvin Ridge Middle/High School (not Marvin Elementary). Even though they are close to each other, they are different. Looking forward to bringing a speed workout to Ballantyne soon – just in time for spring/summer Blue Ridge Relay training.

10 years ago

Uh oh, Fast Twitch. The SOBs just brought in a ringer. Better schedule the next cage match soon…

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