Spring Training

Spring Training

Eight of the finest men you could ever hope to work out with found themselves at the mercy of Double D’s and John Deere on this lovely, crisp spring morning. There were thoughtful nods all around as we heard the new F3 disclaimer language. Paraphrasing here, “Be careful. Go at your own pace. Don’t hurt yourself.” Aye. Without further ado . . .


QIC: Double D’s

Mosey to basketball courts with carpool pylon slalom, karaoke, lunge walks and backwards lunge walks en route.





Mosey to hill by Sardis

10 Merkins; 10 LBC; Bear crawl up hill and mosey back down

20 Merkins; 10 LBC; Bear crawl up; mosey down

10 Squats; Bear crawl up; mosey down

20 Squats; Bear crawl; mosey

1 min People’s Chair w air presses

10 Air Presses; 10 LBC Crab walk up; mosey down

20 Air Presses; 10 LBC Crab walk up; mosey down

Dragon merkins (aka aligator merkins) up the hill; mosey down

1 min People’s Chair w air presses

Dragon merkins up; mosey down

Find some wall for 20 step ups

Bear crawl slalom through carpool pylons


QIC: John Deere

Mosey to field.

60-90 seconds of Merkins

Sprint to 50 yard line and back

Crab walk to 20 yard line and back

Called exercises w sprints to the 50 and back:


LBC (x2)

Diamond Merkins

Partner up: Partner 1 planks. Partner 2 does 25 Derkins. Flapjack.


Low Slow Flutter


Michael Phelps

6 inches—YHC feels like he’s still holding it, boss.

10 Jump squats


YHC found this to be a taxing workout indeed. My shoulders were smoked. And that was an abundance of bear crawling. Kudos to the Qs for pushing us. Kudos to the PAX for powering through without a whimper.

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