Balmy gloom…

Balmy gloom…

16 pax – fully stretched & disclosed – took on Hydra in the balmy gloom.  (ah, how I miss the cool, crisp mornings already…but I digress)

The Thang


  • SSH – 25
  • IW – 25
  • Slow Toe Touches – 15-ish to stretch out the hammies (crowd’s 2nd favorite)
  • Arm Circles – whole bunch (forward, backward, small, large)
  • Low Slow Squats – 15

Number off and form groups of 4

Four Corners

Complete 2 sets at each station, return to transition area for 5 burpees, and rotate clockwise to the next station.

  • Concession Stand – Jump Ups (15) & Decline Merkins (20)
  • Playground – Pullups (15) & Situps (20)
  • Between Fields – Frog Jumps (15) & CDD (20)
  • Track – run 2 laps (total)

As all groups were completing a full circuit, Runstopper led the pax through some Plank-o-rama.

Then the call to Rinse & Repeat (crowd pleaser)

Most groups completed 2 more stations before time was called for Mary, and again Runstopper occupied us with some elbow planking (foreshadowing)


  • Elbow Plank
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Mason/Russian/Crimean Twist
  • Elbow Plank
  • LBC
  • Flutter (by special request from DK)




New 3rd F began yesterday at Morrison Cafeteria – Wednesdays at Noon.

Another 3rd F is beginning in May in Ballantyne – Iron Horse on Q


Good 2nd F out there today.  Lots of mumble chatter, comments/coveting of YHC’s socks (crowd favorite)(#getyourown), etc.  Shock of the day was before we began and the pax learned that YHC was not a professional trainer.  #disclosure  Good reminder of why this is way more fun than #sadclowning at the Fern.

The number of pax made for perfect 4-man “teams” to attact the Four Corners today, and that was an unexpected but enjoyable addition.  Hopefully that provided some supplemental Mud Run training, most groups were starting and finishing together.  Lot of strong effort out there today.

The workout plan today was designed to be simple, with counts & stations, and focus on strength, selecting exercises that involved more effort than stamina and incorporating most muscle groups.  YHC commented to his team that he must have been feeling especially strong when the Weinke was cast, as the 2nd sets were generally tough.  The CDDs and Situps were not too bad, but most everything else tied for worst, IMHO.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead today.

And, thanks to Skywalker for closing us out today.

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10 years ago

Great Q this morning, High Tide. And, what a great group of pax to workout with. Thanks to all.

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