The Magnificent 7

The Magnificent 7


7 fearless gunslingers entered the gloom on this fine day locked and loaded ready to receive their daily dose of Cheezy Fondue DownPainment!

The Thang:

Mosey to the H.S. soccer field:

  • Buttkicks
  • Karaoke Right
  • High Knees
  • Karaoke Left


  • SSH Xs 25
  • IW Xs 20
  • Merkin Xs 15
  • Peter Parker Xs 20
  • Elbow Peter Parkers Xs 15

Mosey to the courts for some Tennis work:

  • Suicide 11s (Burpees / Slow Squats)
  • Sprint across thewidth of the first court and back
  • Sprint across the width of both courts – 1 slow squat
  • Sprint back – 10 burpees
  • Repeato (2/9, 3/8, 4/7 and so on……)

Exit the courts and head back to the middle school in search of some turf and a little Jack Webb if there’s such a thing.

  • 1 merkin / 4 air-presses
  • 2 merkins / 8 air-presses
  • Repeato up the ladder until the PAX hits 10 merkins / 40 air-presses.

Hand the reins over to CT….  Wait a PAX goes rogue and Boonedock hijacks the 2nd half.

Head for the busses as BD serves up a 20 wagon cheeze weave – cheddar style.

  • Gallop to the Elementary School Ranch for another helping of fondue along the way and a 15 wagon cheese weave – swiss style this time.
  • Although weary, we reach the Elementary ranch yet the PAX still appears to be hungry and BD doesn’t disappoint and serves up a 3rd heaping pile of cheese with a 15 wagon weave – MUENSTER style!

CT finally corrals the young mustang, ropes him in and retakes the reins.

Double Painstation “7”s (kind of)

  • 7 hanging leg lifts (or heels to bar) on the pull-up bars / 30 dips
  • 6 HLs / 30 dips
  • 5 HLs 30 dips
  • Repeato down to 1 X 30 etc…..

Mount up and mosey back to the barn in Indian Run formation.  Jailbreak up the hill and AYG to the VSF for some COT.


Great to have Boonedock back with the PAX after coming off of a broken arm.  You could sure tell the young mustang was chomping at the bit to get outta the stall and ready to run.  So much so that he even put down a little Larry Bird action on Horsehead towards the end.  Better keep an eye on your colt there HH, if you don’t he’s going to pass you right by in no time.

It was also great to see Mayo return after his inaugural post.  Keep coming out brother, you’ll only get STRONGER; however, YHC will promise you that it won’t get easier!!!

Excellent work by all today as the PAX were beasts out there.  #STRONG #STALLIONS.


  • ZIP is out on 04.05 and CT is out on 04.12.  Time to step up boys, take the reins and lead the charge.  You’ve all been there before.  If anyone is interested in Qing, please let CT and I know.

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