Yes, We Are Running

Yes, We Are Running

The title was my response when asked just before 14 strong pax came hit the gloom for Stonehenge.  We gave our legs a beat down ahead of #Mudrun and other running events as Spring kicks into gear.  Our hearty crewe gave their all and hopefully got what they came for.

The Thang

Little baby jog to COP location.

COP (inspired by a certain local politico in the news recently)

– Cash Money Squats x 20 (make motion of fanning bills)
– SSH x 25
– Patrick Squats x 20 (same as prisoner squats)
– Merkins x 15
– Cannon Lunges x 20 (hands clasped behind back)

1 mile run to small lake

Jacob’s Lapper (set of sixes with Burpees and laps around lake)
Plank after each sequence to regather pax
– run up hill, 5 Burpees, run down and then 1 lap
– run up hill, 4 Burpees, run down and then 2 laps
– run up hill, 3 Burpees, run down and then 3 laps
– run up hill, 2 Burpees, run down and then 4 laps
– run up hill, 1 Burpee, run down and then 5 laps

LBC x 25

Backward Hill Ladder
– backwards run up hill, 5 squats, run down, 5 Merkins
– backwards run up hill, 4 squats, run down, 4 Merkins
– backwards run up hill, 3 squats, run down, 3 Merkins
– backwards run up hill, 2 squats, run down, 2 Merkins
– backwards run up hill, 1 squat, run down, 1 Merkins

Plank until all pax complete

Little baby jog around lake – reverse directin from before

Jog and lunge walk .75 mile back to launch w/sprints at end

Merkins x 40 led by Frehly’s Comet


– Ouch, this was a toughie, at least for YHC
– We covered a lot of ground – around 4.5 miles at least
– Great effort by all the pax

– Mudrun in two weeks. If running, check site for instructions on how to pay for transportation, supplies,etc.

Despite opening with spoof on CLT’s Mayor, we did pray for him and his family. Please continue to pray for them. Obviously this is a difficult time for them and we hope they will turn to Him for support and guidance.

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